The Chia Gourmet Herb Garden

It’s the indoor Herb Growong Kit, featuring the exclusive CHIA GROWING SPONGE, four terra cotta post & saucers, saucer liners, 6 different herb seed and plant markers.

6 Responses to “The Chia Gourmet Herb Garden”

  1. oxlena says:

    @garycalgary What’s the point of insulting me? Get off your ass and get a job, flamer.

  2. garycalgary says:

    wow sarcastic comments from bitter people

  3. garycalgary says:

    @oxlena sarcastic bitch or asshole

  4. oxlena says:

    “For only 3 installments of $29.99! That’s a $300 value for less than $90! Order now, limited supplies!” Pssh. How lazy do people get before they start keeling over from overexertion when they struggle to get out from under their laptops?

  5. sproutedbean says:

    that actress probably had higher aspirations than the chai commercial. i hope she’s gotten parts that have been more fulfilling.

  6. Tidnull says:

    lol the basil in the video looked like it was dying

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