Tips for inside gardening?

Question by LINDSAY HEMNES: Tips for inside gardening?
I currently have parsley, lavender, and basil. I plan to get strawberries, tomatoes and a “window sill salsa garden” (All my plants are from Buzzy Seeds so far).

First, what window should I put them in, and how do I know what is north, south, east,west?? It’s cold out, and getting colder, is putting them by the window a bad idea? Should I buy a special lamp, how much are they? I really want to grow things. lol can you tell?

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Answer by Clara C
Your herbs will be fine, so long as you water regularly without over watering. You can keep them close to windows, but I wouldn’t recommend the sill…Gets way to cold.

As with anything you grow inside, just point them in the area where the sun shines most.(all you have to do is look) If the leaves turn yellow and you haven’t over watered or under watered them then they need more sun. Move them throughout the day as the sun moves.

Remember to keep them away from heating vents or radiators…if that is not an option, you will have to water them more to prevent drying.

Strawberries and tomatoes?…You will need an alternate light source for those. Winter sun is rarely strong enough and long enough to produce fruit.

Good luck!

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  1. Randall C says:

    You’re herbs may be alright living off of the light in the window, at least for awhile, but strawberries and tomatoes are going to need a supplemental source. What I’d recommend you do is figure out about how much space the plants you want to grow indoors are (so, say, five basil plants sitting side by side would take up a 4×2 area..) and then look into HID or fluorescent lighting.

    Honestly for herbs like basil, parsley, and the like I would recommend looking into a 4FT8BULB SunBlaze Fluorescent fixture. Compared to most indoor lighting they are fairly economical and are more than adequate. The company, and store, that I work for move these like crazy and they are perfect for those sorts of plants.

    That is the product I am talking about. With it you can fit the fixture for 8 T5 fluorescent bulbs (of both the cool and warm spectrum–which your plant needs) to get a complete life-light for your plants.

  2. reynwater says:

    South windows get the most light. Sun rises in the east, sets in the west. Point with your right hand to sun rise, left hand to sun set. Your face points north (with your hands pointing east and west), your back faces south.

    Walmart, homeD, lowes sell plant “grow lights”. Price will vary with size. Or you can invest in an Aerogarden, comes with everything you need including seeds.

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