Using PVC/CPVC Pipes as Planters in my back yard. Good idea?

Using PVC/CPVC Pipes as Planters in my back yard. Good idea?

Question by : Using PVC/CPVC Pipes as Planters in my back yard. Good idea?
I’m apparently going to be staying in my apartment for another year and I want to have a “Garden” at my own home this year.

My neighbor is a jacka*s and so I can’t actually dig and have a garden in the ground.

Pots are really expensive and I don’t want to use 5 gallon buckets because they look bad so I was thinking about getting large diameter PVC/CPVC Pipes cut at different heights then blocking the bottom with some kind of plastic netting so that the soil doesn’t run out the bottom with the rain, and then planting pepper plants, herbs, etc. in them.

I think that the white of the pipes will look like Modern Art along the back fence.

The base would allow for proper drainage for the soil, would keep the heat in from the sun, but I’m wondering how much room would, say, a cherry tomato plant need?

I was thinking that I could do the tall pipes for the big plants and then a 2nd row of much smaller diameter pipes in front of those for small plants like herbs and strawberries.

What do you think?

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Answer by pawsalot
You will be fine, but check the prices of the big PVC, tomatoes need about the size of a 5 gallon bucket.
Personally I go to the thrift stores and get decorative trash cans, like the ones you use in the bathroom put holes in the bottoms. Also Tissue holders turned upside down and a piece of screen to cover the hole also works great, you will be surprised when you look just how creative a pot garden can become if you just use your imagination and turn someones trash into treasure and give it a new purpose. Just a thought most of this stuff you can get for REALLY cheap $ 1.00 or less in some cases.

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  1. ranger_co_1_75 says:

    6 inch or larger PVC or ABS pipe will work certain types of plants. CPVC will work too, but it cost about 50% more than the other two types. You will also need to find a way to make it stay upright. Laying the pipe on it’s side works better.

    Stand the pipe upright, or lay it on it’s side and cut holes in the sides. Fill with soil and block the holes you drilled with moss so the dirt won’t fall out the holes. Plant your plants in the holes. It will make a lettuce post or onion post or other small plants. Don’t make the post too tall, or all the water will run out the holes on the sides and the plants in the bottom won’t get water.

    Large PVC pipe is one of the most used Hydroponics beds. The plants roots grow inside the pipe and the nutrients drain from the high end of the pipe to the low end.

  2. B2BIndustry says:

    At the onsight, it seems like a great idea , Though i would still recommend going for traditional ones !

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