Webisode: Grow Your Own Salsa Garden

Webisode: Grow Your Own Salsa Garden

For this week’s Weekend Project, gardening guru Rebecca Kolls shows us how to grow our own vegetable salsa garden at home.

4 Responses to “Webisode: Grow Your Own Salsa Garden”

  1. OPE08 says:

    lol… it says “POTTING MIX” right on the bag! They do make a “Planting mix” as well that isn’t recommended for pots.

  2. mollyproductions4u says:

    i don’t think all that stuff will fit in that small pot

  3. matthewjohnmcgee says:

    do you know anything about gadening if not
    you should not insult people who do she
    has had years of experience so she knows
    what shes doing you should do some more
    research to find out that if it says no pots
    their just telling you that not best for pot
    but under the right conditions you can grow anything because theirs no real diffrence other than the fact that pots are small and the ground is big other than that their is no
    proplem i have used that stuff in pots before
    the plants grow.

  4. matthewjohnmcgee says:

    i have a video just like that that i just uploaded and you use bonnie plants so do i
    but i have diffrent methods of maintaining
    it but this video is going on my favorites and video response i use marical grow to
    i gess we use the same supplies i just started
    last week and im already getting veggies

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