Webisode: Salsa Garden Update

Webisode: Salsa Garden Update

We give you an update on the growth of our salsa garden.

Here’s the 2010 Garden which is growing our crop for our custom salsa and pasta sauce. See the Healthy Jalepeno plants and more. To order or learn more, please visit leadtoyou.com A revolutionary vegetable salsa recipe that kids love. Your children will eat their vegetables because the vegetables are in the salsa they love!
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  1. OPE08 says:

    The big pot looks pretty, but its easier to make this out of cinder blocks!
    You border a small area with cinderblocks, one or two courses tall, and fill the center with planting mix, or compost mixed with some of the soil from the middle. you can actually plant the smaller herbs in the holes in each cinder-block, and the larger plants in the middle! Cinder-blocks aren’t as attractive, but you’ll get more room to stake or cage the tomatoes. Excellent little project!

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