What do we do with the compost now???

Question by Becca A: What do we do with the compost now???
We have a little “garden” in our backyard. (We can’t till the land, so we planted herbs and vegetables in large pots.) So, anyway, we decided to start a compost to reduce waste in the kitchen and to use it to enrich our garden. We got a 5-gallon bucket and were really excited any time we had vegetable waste. So, a month has passed, and now we have a bucket of rotting waste with gnats and ants all over it. Do I need to stir it up? How long does it need to sit there until I can put it on the soil? Will it completely break down, or will it still look like trash when I put it in the soil?

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Answer by rmbrruffian
You need to put some dirt in it to get it started. Also some newspaper (not colored) is good too. And you should be stirring it once weekly.

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  1. ROBERT S says:

    Mix it with a little soil. This will start it to decompose a little faster. The idea is to generate heat to about 150 degrees. This will kill off any weed seeds you may put in the compost.
    Turn it over every several weeks.

  2. Bad Co. says:

    You could put some hay over it, and you could also probably get some wigglers out of it, if you want to go fishing. Here in the south a lot of us just call that worm beds. No Joke. Sorry I didn’t answer your question did I, you could stir it and put some of the bug attracting stuff on bottom, but it should break down. If you need the compose now for gardening I would just try to shovel around some of the bigger stuff and put it to work.

  3. annA Y says:

    Keep it stirred, moist and warm. Compost needs to heat up to go through the break down process. Many times they can create their own heat, but a new compost needs a jumpstart. You could add a small amount of nitrogen fertilizer to get it going. Where is the bucket? It needs to be outside and to get some sun on it. How wet is it? Too wet and it will get smelly, too dry and it won’t break down.

  4. littlelady75 says:

    Yes, you need to stir it up. Frequently. That is what helps it rot well.

    Yes, you need to put SOME of it into the soil, and add more soil and more stuff to rot, so that it continues, as a rotating soil for you. The gnats and ants, hmmmn. Not sure about that. I think that if you stir it often, you will find that they won’t stick around. Also, you ought to add layer of kitchen veggie waste in layers between paper and soil to mulch it. Black ink may be alright on the paper, but not newspaper, nor colored inks. Stick to shredded paper that is from junk mail or from scrap paper.
    Getting some large worms may help you. Put about 10 large worms in the bucket, and you will find they love their environment. Keep it somewhat moist, and keep turning it every day at least once. Greens will help a lot too.

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