What do you think of this man?

What do you think of this man?

Question by I love you too!: What do you think of this man?
There was a man, who saw what I could need. I told him that he does not have to do it, but he should make holiday. Nevertheless ignoring my words, he started to work. Making a new path to my office, doing up the whole front and back garden, “as it will benefit me and some other people”. Then he added a little herb garden, so I can use it easily as it is near the kitchen. I did not ask for it, it was his idea and he followed through every single day he was here.

Sitting here now in my new office, looking outside in the beautiful garden with the wooden pathway, I thank GOD for that what this man did for me.
He decided on some goal about which he knew would help me, never asked for a thank you, never bothered me with it, just did it by his own terms and I and some others and the people who come here benefit from it, so greatly. This man is my 74 year old father, having just spend 6 months as holidays in Australia. What do you think of him?

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Answer by Athren the Glorious
Actions speak louder than words, parents will typically tell their offspring what is right and what is wrong. What they should and should not do.

But this “man” your father knew that what he was doing was indeed a improvement. And he made it a reality with his own two hands, letting his work do the talking. He didn’t stop you from your day to day life, only made you realize on your own how to appreciate that very life.

I think this man has taught anyone who reads this question a most important lesson. That we find the love in the things we do, these actions were his impact on you. And it was out of love.

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7 Responses to “What do you think of this man?”

  1. F.U.C.K.E.N genius says:


  2. Peace! says:

    I think that your father is a man that is filled with Love and gratitude, and has Truly realized the fulfillment in unconditional giving.

    Your a Blessed woman, that’s for sure.

  3. Dropshortandduck says:

    Your father the silent worker.

  4. ross says:

    May his garden of love be bountiful. We always receive what we give, so I know that he has already reaped its abundance. And it will multiply.

  5. celebrate says:

    I love him! He has restored my faith in humanity. I was 16 when my grandmother passed away & she was like this. Truly loving. I have been through some hard times in my life. When I remember this gift I have been given of having her all my troubles would go away. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  6. sean.thurston says:

    it sounds like your father loves you very much indeed…
    his thanks is the gratitude that he gets for having you as a child.

    what a blessing for you to have someone who loves you so much!

  7. jt says:

    Your father is an honorable man. You are blessed!

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