What is the meaning of “Better Homes and Gardens”?

What is the meaning of “Better Homes and Gardens”?

Question by Joe from WI: What is the meaning of “Better Homes and Gardens”?
When they say better they might not mean “more expensive”. The true meaning is “upgrade”, but they don’t specifically mean a big upgrade.
My friend grows all kinds of herbs when they’re in season, he cooks, makes tea, and uses them for medicine for his elderly auntie.
Better Homes and Gardens forces you to think about what the word better really means.

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Answer by Cyntaks Air
it does? i wouldn’t dwell on that too much if i were you.
BETTER means SUPERIOR. as in “hey, buy our magazine and get ideas of how to make your HOME and GARDEN… BETTER.”
did i just blow your mind?

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  1. Missy says:

    Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the title. Better Homes and Gardens doesn’t force you to think anything. It’s a title. Similar to Readers Digest, it doesn’t mean that you have to literally digest anything, it’s offering choices, something that possibly could create a “better” home or garden!!

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