What should I plant in my garden? northern CA zone 111?

What should I plant in my garden? northern CA zone 111?

Question by Sue: What should I plant in my garden? northern CA zone 111?
I would like to start two separate gardens. One I want to plant some natives flowers/herbs (not to be consumed as this is next to a dumpster) that don’t require me watering them).

The other one, more importantly, will be for consumption. Is it too late to do bell peppers? I want to plant vegetables, native flowers, edibles, etc. Please any help you can give me would be great as I have an awesome opportunity to get stuff going in our “community garden” between ours and our neighbors apartment buildings and I want to get stuff in before everyone takes up all the room. Also, if you have some good gardening links or books let me know because naturally I have a black thumb. Thanks so much!
I just checked on the national gardening associated page and it actually says zone 7-9 so obviously i have no idea what I am talking about!!

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Answer by Rock_star
some trees that ripe to give dollars …….

May be you can find any

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  1. rmbrruffian says:

    Because you have an area by the dumpster that will probably be neglected, I would suggest some type of succulent, it DOESN’T have to be cactus.
    I am including a link to a nursery that specializes in xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is using plants that are native to an area, and use very little water. Not all these are cactus.


  2. booboo says:

    I’m in N. CA too. You should start your book collection off with the “Sunset Western Garden Book” – it’s our bible. It covers a good range of plants and is a good beginner book.

    Now, know that with all gardens you will have to water them to get them started. Once they are established, you begin to taper off your watering. You also want drought tolerant plants since you don’t want to do much care once they are established.

    Here are some good natives nurseries to check out:

    Since your climate and needs are so specific, you should really consult a good nursery in your area and get your questions answered about which natives to use, when to plant them, how often to water and for how long, etc.

    You will also want to ask about what veggie starts you can get this time of year for a fall garden. Be sure to note how much sun your area gets and plan accordingly.

    Sorry I can’t give you absolute definite ideas but you have really specific needs. But I hope I gave you some ideas and advice to go on. 🙂

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