Winter Garden Care : How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden

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You can create your own indoor herb garden once you understand which herbs do well inside the home and how to give them the sunlight, growing room and nutrients they need. Become an herb garden expert with the help of this free video on winter garden care. Expert: Marci Degman Bio: Marci Degman has worked as a landscape designer and horticulture writer for more than 13 years. Filmmaker: Tim Adams Series Description: Extend your springtime green thumb to last all year long by learning the essentials of winter garden care, from selecting the right mulch to growing holiday favorites. A landscaping expert shows you how in this free video series.

2 Responses to “Winter Garden Care : How to Create an Indoor Herb Garden”

  1. marcidegman says:

    It is always best to have drainage holes. Fortunately terra cotta pots allow extra moisture to evaporate better than others. Water a little each day so there is not excess water pooling around the roots. You can always transfer the plants later to larger pots with drainage holes.

  2. MsKikiLaRue says:

    Do the teracotta pots have to have holes on the bottom? I planted some seeds a few days ago, then read online that they needed holes, which my pots do not. Will this effect how well they grow?

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