Adding horse manure to the garden While trying to find other sources of fertilizer, a nice lady and her husband gave me a truck load of horse manure. I used the manure to side dress the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. The horse manure acts like a slow release fertilzier. organic, gardening, horse, manure, garden, fertilizer

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  1. BlitzkriegStaffords says:

    a survivalist using a gas powered tiller LOL

  2. jrgongbongs says:


    True, I my self wouldnt dare add fresh manure to a pile be for properly processing it. But if you cure/compost the manure correctly it will kill weed seeds and fly larvae etc…

  3. Z3Carpentry says:

    This video is a bunch of Horse Shit!!!!…LoL……..Just kidding great video

  4. bilaczenko says:

    @pegasuswa Picking up horse manure from a paddock is very bad news , the horse has eaten weeds including seeds, the result of adding paddock horde manure into a garden is overgrown giant weeds … big misstake! the only horse manure to add safely to a garden is manure taken from race horse pens as the feed which is given such as chaff, lucerene pea or wheat straw is usually weed free.

  5. liamsdad33 says:

    @lazlow69 maybe he got it before the atomic fallout

  6. liamsdad33 says:

    wow thats a shitty job 😉

  7. weeandra says:

    i agree,he is cheating

  8. lazlow69 says:

    funny that if this is a video to demonstrate gardening practices for survival that you are using a brand new, gas powered tiller to do your work. Incorporating manure into soil with a hand tool is easy, why not demonstrate that?

  9. uthyr says:


  10. bbjoshua says:

    If one had to add the fresh stuff, being horse manure is a little on the dry side, I’d wait until fall and dig it into my garden and let set over the winter months, by spring time, it will have broken down more and not hurt a garden. I’m a northerner, fresh manure piles here in winter will steam and heat up, that snow won’t stay on them, they are composting and hot inside, another 2 cents for ya

  11. bbjoshua says:

    fresh manure, is what we called hot manure, it’s too hot for gardens and lawns, it should be aged or let to cook in a pile for a year and more, let it compost down which is then great for gardens and lawns. Fresh is too hot, it’s breaking down biology is doing it’s thing. Fresh will burn a garden or lawn, in an open field where the sun and nature can do it’s thing is another thing, it doesn’t hurt crops if it’s spread out nicely, my 2 cents for ya…

  12. 1too3fore says:

    it’s much better if you DON’T till it under, the worms will do the tilling for you and when the garden’s watered, it will create tea that will take care of the fertilizing. Don’t waste the time and money with tilling. It’s counterproductive.

  13. stymye says:

    this is what I have always been told and follow fresh horse manure needs to be composted before going into your garden. If available I would mix it 3 parts shredded leaves with 1 part of this manure and wet it, and it shouild cook quite well.. you can always google it to be sure tho

  14. Jinete28 says:

    why do you say fres manure is not safe, we clean our feed lot once every 2 months and throw the manure on the corn field and havent had any problems, can you please tell me what is wrong with it.


  15. gunkapoor says:

    very helpful. thanks 🙂

  16. wizardangel says:

    I use horse litter once,,they had grazed in burmudi grass and the seeds sprouted -also IF you leave manure piled up with a lot of hay in it ,beware of it smoldering as it get’s hot and starts to burn on a sunny day –many barns have burnt down from wet hay stacked inside getting hot in summer…I use rabbits litter ,they reproduce quick,grow fast for the table and great at clean the trelises for climbing crops when you lay them over at end of grow season..Rabbits are quiet needs little space

  17. HLCpromow says:

    I to used this but it came out crapy LOL Horse crap is loaded with trash seeds and is not very good as plant food. I guess its better than nothing…lol

  18. pegasuswa says:

    im sure ive seen it used for fuel on some documentary’s ,i tried some but it didn,t work to great ,anyone used it as a fuel (for a fire place or pot belly) does it have to be dry ,it would save me buying so much wood ?

  19. survivalistboards says:

    I have heard that aged / composted manure works best.

    Be sure to visit the website.

  20. pegasuswa says:

    does the manure have to be aged and can you use fresh stuff for anything? thanks

  21. MrPacMan36 says:

    once or twice, we have horses of our own (12), and my dad put horse manure all over the front lawn after a hurricane hit and the trees (50-100 ft. fichus trees) fell (we buried them) and grass wasn’t growing, so then after we poured it with the bobcat, it worked after 1 week we saw grass.

  22. stymye says:

    thats a good find , manure should always be aged like that, I can’t believe people think fresh manure is safe to use

  23. streetfighterfan312 says:

    thats nice
    thank you old lady for the half-ton of horse crap
    i owe you one LOL

  24. survivalistboards says:

    I have used a rear tine, and I like the front tine tillers better.

  25. steelhorses2004 says:

    You need a rear tine tiller. A lot easier to use.

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