Container Gardening for Beginners (3 tips for superb hanging baskets and pots)

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Here’s three tips for creating superb container gardens The first tip has to do with watering the container garden or hanging basket. Every time you water, water should pour out the bottom of the container. This means that all parts of the container are thoroughly irrigated and none of the roots will be allowed to dry out. If the soil has been allowed to dry out too much, and has shrunken away from the sides of the pot then the water will immediately pour out the bottom of the container and the soil will not be properly watered. The remedy is to either set the container in a large bowl of water to allow it to soak up or to water every half hour until the water no longer freely flows through the basket. The second major container gardening tip is to understand that hanging baskets and containers require a weekly feeding of plant food. Because nitrogen is the major engine of plant growth, and because it is water-soluble, every time we walked her we drive nitrogen out the bottom of the pot. This means that unless you replace the nitrogen with more plant food, your plant will struggle to grow and flower properly. The third tip is my personal preference for organic gardening plant food, and this is fish emulsion. In my 30 years of gardening experience, there is simply no easier or more effect if way to feed most of your container gardens and indeed, all gardens, then the liquid fish emulsion. These three gardening tips and gardening ideas are a few of

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