Container Gardening: Pruning

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Container garden pruning at the seminar pages by garden author Doug Green. In this gardening video, the emphasis is on how to prune plants in containers and hanging baskets. These instructions will show you how to maintain your hanging baskets in prime condition for the entire summer. It is not rocket science, these are gardening techniques that anybody can learn and succeed with. While the video is longer than normal, it demonstrates the pruning techniques that will both maintain and thicken the plants in your garden containers. It is an entire gardening course wrapped up in a short video. One of the things that beginner gardeners need to understand is that proper pruning techniques will reduce diseases and allow organic gardening techniques to work more effectively. So the bottom line is that container garden pruning is an important skill and if you are a do-it-yourselfer gardener, this is one skill you really need to master. Articles on pruning can be found here and questions can be asked.

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