Easy Vegetable Garden

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25 Responses to “Easy Vegetable Garden”

  1. bigfootthechipmunk says:

    Very helpful… and I love the disappearing dog. ; )

  2. yourgardens says:

    thanks for sharing

  3. BlackJokerOne says:

    Meat ftw !

  4. Sogwa says:

    Very informative. I’m not a gardener but my grandma & most of the other people in my family are.

  5. Hector575 says:

    right on

  6. NewJura says:

    nice the dog has magic powers of teleportation!!!!

  7. DAZUPYOU says:

    Very nice and very helpful thank you

  8. lucygreen71 says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful information!

  9. adecheine says:

    Good information, can’t wait to get into the garden, still cold here in MinnesOta.. But I have my peppers started already.. Have a great day! April

  10. elbacooks4u says:

    Thanks for the invite to your video and stopping by my cooking channel. I hope you stop by often and tell your friends.

    God Bless,


  11. impalapez says:

    @gaiagale No Probs…funny how all the herbicide companies promote the death and erradication of “weeds”….don’t even want to get started on hemp….that’s a WHOLE ‘nother story!!!!

  12. gaiagale says:

    @impalapez I know : ) …thanks for seeing my comment and for making time to reply : )

  13. wobbler1972 says:

    Thanks for sending me this video. Your gardening method looks very similar to mine except I put in flowering ornamentals amongst my vegetables so as to attract even more predators. My business is all about soil creation by mulching up branches to create a great deal more compost that is rich in carbon/ humus. I also added about 3kg of crusher dust per square metre before i started planting so I know that the soil has the available nutrients from the start.

  14. salmonline says:

    He has a magical dog. He can disappear.

  15. dmacosta1 says:

    great´╗┐ channel´╗┐

  16. kguna74 says:

    Hi there, I am Malaysian. Does this book also show how to grow vegetables in tropical climates? Thanks.

  17. impalapez says:

    @gaiagale EAT THE WEEDS!!! He has a great channel!!!

  18. BloggerMann says:

    not sure why you would send me this video as it has nothing to do with my niche, at all. I think that’s called spamming

  19. patovalades says:

    makes a lot of sense to me…

  20. marthale7 says:

    Sounds like 1 straw revelation method ( seed ball then planting seeds ). The idea of keeping seeds in the area to replenish is a good one, but then the plants themselves can get too thick and start over competing for nutrients, but sounds like you compensate for that with compost. Interesting thoughs.

  21. gaiagale says:

    Weeds?!?…most of the plants that we call weeds are in fact mostly indigenous plants(sometimes they are imports) usually highly nutritious …and the best way to get rid of them is to eat them …yum …of course we could nurture them as you suggest then harvest them with the all the other wonderful usual garden varieties …just a thought : )
    thanks for sharing

  22. DruidsGarden says:

    Great video on getting the most out of every space – so important with today’s shrinking backyards!

    Just love this style of gardening!!

  23. Braniti says:

    oh and what is your opinion on vertical farming ?

  24. Braniti says:

    HI , interesting indeed.
    Important question : how many m^2 of land is need for 4 members family to get vegetables all year round ?
    (we live in Netherlands so not much sun long winters but not too cold … i heard from permaculture lady that in winter it is not possible… well I guess only if you have glasshouse )

  25. keithcookstv says:

    great channel

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