Fairview Gardens Organic Farm nestled in an urban area of Goleta California

We visited Fairview Gardens in Goleta, California on a sunny winter afternoon, for an informative tour of the farm given by Tynes Viar, the Director of Development and Sustainability.

Fairview Gardens is a non-profit organization formed in 1997, visit their website at www.fairviewgardens.org

4 Responses to “Fairview Gardens Organic Farm nestled in an urban area of Goleta California”

  1. YourGardenShow says:

    Great video and great farm! What an incredible asset to the community. Love the children’s garden; bet they love getting their hands dirty and seeing their hard work pay off when the plants begin to produce.

  2. yoquieroseramada says:

    the organic farmers are growing in usa i am very please for that the people today are wakening up we want to go all the way back before the 50.
    i hope we have more super markets organic in all nyc.
    congratulations farmers keep the good work we aprecciated very much…. i eat organic but i have to go to manhattan ny to get my organics produce…

  3. GloVermont2 says:

    I know how much hard work and dedication it takes to do your work. Way to go. 12 acres serves 5,000 families. Super! Admirable efforts you detail in this video. There is hope for a revived social paradigm; communities of PEOPLE caring for people again.

    I don’t have to run over my neighbor with my better SUV on my way to burger thing – yay! We can eat really good food again – yay! We can be healthy too – yay! We can sustain each other instead of corporations – YAY!

  4. oz22verizon says:

    watch this video and CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN SENATORS AND GIVE THEM HELL TO NOT PASS THESE BILLS! “Us Gov to Criminalize Organic Farming BILL HR 875 and S 425”

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