Final Garden Update (organic gardening in Ga. III)

Sorry about the errors and quality. Vimala said I should remake the video, because I looked “dorky”. Oh well, nothing is perfect. Also, I forgot to show the Eggplants and herbs. (note: if you would like some squash seeds, e-mail me)

9 Responses to “Final Garden Update (organic gardening in Ga. III)”

  1. palui says:

    that first plant looks like oleander. what ever you do, don’t eat it. 🙂

  2. mywootgarden says:

    do you save your seeds? have you had many problems with the cross polinations of the different squash type plants you have? dp they live through the winter?

  3. 1dsunhope says:

    Aloha, nice squash, how can i get some seeds, i have belembe, tahiitian taro, which likes shade, in the winter you can bring them indoors, tropical, the leaves are like a hardty spinich. email me.

  4. odin422 says:

    you can grow the squash on a trellis and then the gourds hang down, very cool

  5. arkitecture says:

    do you have problems with birds eating figs? I live in Phoenix AZ and we have a 13 year old fig tree in our yard that produces thousands of figs each year! Problem is that birds love them too!

  6. Noz7771 says:

    I think you could have cut open that squash and shown us your favourite way of eating it… also, you could cut out the bits where you are just walking along with the camera:)

  7. gunapie says:

    go buy an ripe one or a section on one from the latin grogery store, Also you can use butternut.

  8. webb525252 says:

    i wonder where i can get calabacita seeds?

  9. askaluck says:

    Really Amazing organic garden subject introduction by BABA’s unique SON. We feel an immense gratitude to the members of the BABA NAM KEVALAM HAPPINESS FAMILY!

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