Four Steps For Organic Gardening Pest Control

Four Steps For Organic Gardening Pest Control

If you are wanting to grow some great tasting food, then your garden needs to be protected from pests and diseases. A good vegetable gardening guide will teach you how to do this. By taking four simple steps, you can turn you bad situation around. But before acting on the problem, however, you must first know the problem. Get a guide that will help you to identify the trouble first, then you can learn how to respond.

First, be sure you are strengthening your vegetables for good growth.  Pest Control Las Vegas

Using a compost will help to minimize the affect of pests, simply because the soil will have nutrients that the vegetables will need. It is like strengthening the immune system of your plants. Make them strong and they will have a better chance of surviving unwanted pest.

Second, check what insects are living in your garden.

They might be beneficial insects that can actually help you protect your vegetables. You need to find this out. There are vegetable gardening guides that provide lists of insects in order for you to identify which are beneficial and which are not. It is very important that you identify the insects so that you will know what to do.

Third, invite more of the good guys.

If you were able to spot a beneficial insect, look for a plant that will attract more of them. This is a great idea that can help your garden. Plant them together with your vegetables. This is called plant companionship. Study shows that 90% of pests present in a garden actually are beneficial to some plants. If you acted immediately without reading first, and used chemical sprays to drive off the insects, you might also kill the beneficial pests.Pest Control Austin

Fourth, get rid of the bad guys.

If you find that you do need to rid your garden of pests with a spray, consider this: you can make an organic home-made insect spray. In addition, you can also use certain spices to repel insects. Study shows that all bugs avoid and hate strong odors and spices.

These are some possible solutions that may help your garden to have protection from pests. And, these steps will also allow you to practice good organic gardening pest control. Keep in mind, if you have a healthy garden, you will likely find that many beneficial insects will actually assist you in tending your garden. Healthy plants can attract beneficial insects. And of course, since you do not need harmful chemicals, you get to grow healthier vegetables for your family.

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