Garden Girl TV: Natural Insect Control with Diatomaceous Earth

Patti Moreno the Garden Girl shows you how she controls insects in her garden, by using diatomaceous earth! and http Use the CC button to view subtitles in any language. Natural Garden Pest Insect Control Using Diatomaceous eEarth So a lot of people ask me, Patti you are an organic gardener, what do you do about all of this little bugs and slugs and all that stuffs that farmers for so long had been trying to come back. Well, I have one of the most amazing products that I discovered. It is actually been use for a really, really long time and it is called Diatomaceous earth Now, Diatomaceous earth is actually fertilized algae that is found in sedimentary rock and it forms of powdery substance pretty easily. If you are asking what are you doing right now? Why are you watering your garden and watering all the leaves of your garden? Well the reason why I am doing that because I am going to spread the Diatomaceous earth or DE as also known on of my plants. And I want my powder to stick to the leaves of the plants so they have to be moist; they have to have water on them. In order for the dust to stick to the plants, now this is the Diatomaceous earth . This is actually a duster and what we use to dust the crops and let me show you in here. That is the powdery substance, now this is a completely safe for humans and for animals. So really do not have to worry about it getting you know into any other animals that might be around and this is the fun part. [DEMO

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  1. americanpaintingco says:

    my understanding is that u should use food-grade de, which costs a lot more, because the normal stuff will cut your lungs because of the way the molecules are, so, either use a mask while you’re spraying or spend the big buks, once not air-borne it isn’t dangerous…

  2. picatsoforfma says:

    Can you use this if you want bees and butterflies?

  3. zoughbi says:

    @tormcp my zoukini and squash became black and die , what to do?

  4. ArchGrafiX says:

    One “fact” that is not exactly correct: diatomaceous earth is not “an algae found in sedimentary rock.” It IS the rock. It is made from ancient deposits of billions of tiny diatoms (which ARE plant-like algae) that settled out of water onto the bottom when they died. It IS sedimentary rock, formed by these ancient plants and is still being formed today in both fresh and salt water.

  5. anteaterpest says:

    Mother Earth D ROCKS!

  6. tterry53 says:

    I would like to have one of those dusters. Where do you get it?

  7. Cairokmt says:

    Patti, love your videos. I’ve heard that it can damage human and animal eyes, so please be careful when using. DE feels like tiny shards of glass to the touch. You might want to use proective glasses. Chickens and ducks will eat the bugs – but again, don’t let them get DE in their eyes.

  8. plank0wner says:

    Good video. A little goes a looong way.

  9. hertrueself says:

    I love your videos, but whoever does your captioning is making a lot of grammatical errors and ruining your professional image. You need an editor (and I’m very cheap).

  10. ghstwoman says:

    PLEASE NOTE…If you are going to use diatomaceous earth then you MUST USE FOOD GRADE..diatomaceous earht!!!!
    Otherwise it makes the plant unfit for human consumption…!
    And use it sparingly and wisely…it kills the beneficial bugs such as bees and lady bugs.

  11. Martha344b says:

    Patti is awesome… I am grpwing TickleMe Plants with my kids. They love watching the leaves suddenly close and even the branches droop when you Tickle It!
    Just google TickleMe Plant. It is easy to grow and is one amazing animated plant!

  12. tormcp says:

    You all should definitely try using Orange Guard Home Pest Control. Its natural, smells good, and really works!!

  13. 40intrek says:

    Thanks for the tip, but you should do some research before telling everyone how safe it is,,, Cause its not…. Ask the minors who mine this stuff how many coworkers they know with lung problems….

  14. TheiRenaissance says:

    the razor sharp, microscopic DE damages the exo skeleton of the bug…

    and its not totally safe. for instance you couldnt pay me to apply it as she does. you dont want that stuff in your eyes or lungs. is a legitimate inhalation hazard. please dont do what you see here, use a mask rated to handle particles the size of DE, seals around your nose and mouth, and i also recommend goggles.

    better yet. i prefer lady bugs.

  15. Gideon1870 says:


    Can you please tell me where I can get hand held crop duster like the one here in your video or similar as long as it is handheld.

    Thanx again

  16. Gideon1870 says:


    Will this DE kill those nasty gnats on and in my strawberry plants ?
    These gnats fly and stay on my strawberry plants and soil

    Please help


  17. ogskeetdizzle says:

    check out the site lubilosa , they carry green muscle a natural fungus that wipes out grasshoppers and locusts, it is safe for all plants, soils and for livestock too

  18. picatsoforfma says:

    What about worms, ladybugs, praying mantises, and bees? Won’t the poweder also hurt them?

  19. hughtub says:

    Dayo Tomatoes earth seems like amazing stuff!

  20. heartsoul5 says:

    This stuff rocks and is so cheap. I take it internally for parasites (which we all have by the day). Note of caution, be careful not to dust too close to flowers. Can harm bees and hummingbirgs. Great video.

  21. sharanprasanth says:

    where is mask?any thing dusty is injurious to health

  22. rayunseitig says:

    We use diatomaceous earth before, but be careful about breathing in the dust, the silica it contains is harmfull for the lungs.
    It’s like tiny chards of broken glass. Silica sand is what you use to sandblast, but they wear respirators.

  23. georgecurrysama says:

    one of my dreams is to have a garden like yours

  24. jes166 says:

    great videos!!!!

  25. kisinzcemm says:

    Diatomaceos earth is bad to inhale so wear a mask ….Asbestos is a naturally occurring too ……DE is approximately 3% magnesium, 33% silicon, 19% calcium, 5% sodium, 2% iron ……….Silicosis (also known as Grinder’s disease and Potter’s rot) is a form of occupational lung disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust, and is marked by inflammation and scarring in forms of nodular lesions in the upper lobes of the lungs.

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