Gardening by Cuisine: Stir Fry Beef in HD!

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Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, makes a delicious authentic stir fry fresh from her garden in HD!

16 Responses to “Gardening by Cuisine: Stir Fry Beef in HD!”

  1. bfenti says:

    @mickerlikescheese Will you all stop about the stone cutting board. I come by weekly with my little push cart and bell to sharpen all her knives. It’s one of my sources of income, so cease.

  2. badboyorganics says:

    this looks really good!
    Thanks for creating and posting…


  3. Cutchswife says:

    looks delicious!

  4. mickerlikescheese says:

    ahhhhh stone cutting board? stop it!

  5. KWITNESS says:

    yummy to the tummy, keep it up 🙂

  6. gaiagale says:

    …enjoyed the video and the comments I agree with the cautionary comments regarding cutting on stone

  7. delicflower says:

    @rzarzarzarza84 not everyone is a vegitarian/vegan, but you are right! you can also make it with soy and it’s delicious too!

  8. delicflower says:

    😀 excellent!! I made some food using the herbs from my garden recently, it’s absolutely rewarding (and tasty too!)

  9. tcbink says:

    I agree with TheAmericanRifleman I quince every time I hear your knife hit that marble. You must have to sharpen your blades every time you use them.

  10. TheAmericanRifleman says:

    Doesn’t that cutting rock dull your knives?

  11. Praxxus55712 says:

    Shallots make everything sooooo much better! 🙂

  12. rzarzarzarza84 says:

    The greens look good, but would be better with out the poor cow 🙁

  13. tyronebiggums3 says:

    That chef’s knife did not appear to be serated. Cutting on a marble board with a fine edge knife is not a good thing to do. I would strongly advise against it.

  14. Plum369 says:

    I love shallots too…I tried to grow some from sets but they didn’t make it (my garlic and winter onions did). Have you grown shallots and if you have, what kind of results did you get?

  15. loopstheloop says:

    You’re an inspiration… wish I could organise my garden like yours (also, kudos on the masses of garlic!).

  16. jmg1957 says:


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