Gardening In February

A light hearted episodic educational PERMACULTURE series. It’s designed to hold the attention of middle school kids as well as adults. We use comedic relief in this series to keep the learning fun! Episode 2 uses second year blueberry plants to demonstrate a five stage natural, organic approach to weed control and increased soil fertility.

5 Responses to “Gardening In February”

  1. odin422 says:

    no till gardening rules

  2. CRAZYGRACIE70 says:

    I really like it!!! Thank you so much! Look forward to more!

  3. Noz7777 says:

    more please:)

  4. DouglasByers says:

    thanks for the feed back cmurkar!

  5. cmurkar says:

    although i really like the practical instructions in this video, the attempt at ‘light hearted’ humor didn’t really do it for me. Still i look forward to seeing this yard develop this season.

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