Gardening in Hawaii Part 1 of 11

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Gardening in Hawaii Part 1 of 11 Gardening in Hawaii; A Conversation with Jon Biloon Join us for a far ranging conversation about organic farming, history of US agricultural practices, and closer to home gardening in Hawaiin soils. Great stuff for history buffs, organic farming devotees (did you know you can water your veggies with ocean water?), and soil (re)building using rock dust. Mahalo to host Barbara Moore of Dragonfly Ranch B&B located on the Big Island of Hawaii And of course Jon Biloon for sharing his 30+ years of experience with organic farming. Were hoping Jon will return for a video stroll through Dragonfly Ranchs gardens as you can see and hear in this video it was raining too hard to stroll outdoors. Please note: this video is 90 minutes in length broken into 11 parts expressly for YouTube. May all beings be blessed. May great benefit pour forth.

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