Gardening Tips : Caring for Elephant Ear Plants

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Elephant ears are bulb plants that require shade, daily water, fertilizer and soil activator seaweed spray. Care for elephant ear plants in the months of March through October with this free video on gardening from the owner of a landscaping company. Expert: Bill Elzey Contact: Bio: Bill Elzey is the owner and manager of Showplace Lawns in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

14 Responses to “Gardening Tips : Caring for Elephant Ear Plants”

  1. smurfboywv says:

    Elephant ears need full sun, not shade. I have about 14 varieties I grow in full sun.

  2. shortytimmy says:

    yeah yeah I am in Zone 5 and if i let them stay in the ground in the winter they will die.just leave the bulb?(It is called tuber) in the ground , are you kidding ? I am in Canada, lucky i don’t need you , or my plant will die.

  3. TheBrassHole says:

    @rozonly1 Because it gets too cold in your house up there, and it must be in a south facing window with the window being on the large side and always open.

  4. rozonly1 says:

    Need help just bought an elephant ear plant and the leaves are turning brown. I have it as a house plant because we are going thru winter here in philly. Why are the leaves turning brown?

  5. tanrat7 says:

    Thats because this one is growing in a pot. They grow bigger in the ground

  6. proletariatCSP says:

    Thank you for posting this informative video.

    I have found the common giant elephant ears tolerate drought, full sun, and wind. The more decorative ones common to tropical regions like South America, are naturally water borne and grow in boggy areas or on river banks. My best advice for determining how much sun the plant will need is by starting it in full shade. If the plant is comfortable it will grow strait up, but if it wants more light it will begin to lean toward the light source.

  7. DAlmond123 says:

    Mines have about twice as many leaves and twice as big as the one displayed in the video.

  8. TropicalBreeeze says:

    3 dollars? you are lucky….I purchased my bulb at Meijer and it was over 8 dollars with tax (for one!!!) oye. But the bulb was a huge one, larger than a softball. Anywho..Its now in the ground and ready to burst off its 2nd leaf ..very exciting =)

  9. DAlmond123 says:

    at my local store they are only 3 dollars they are VERY cheap compared to some bulbs

  10. tbc27Z says:

    Great info about a fabulous plant.

  11. TropicalBreeeze says:

    I just bought my first bulb as well and look for ward to warmer weather so i can plant it.
    I was intimidated at first as these bulbs are quite expensive, but now.. after some research, including informative videos such as yours…I plan on purchasing a few more bulbs and create my own private jungle =) Thank you!

  12. elderarron says:

    Thanks for the info and video! I am planting my first ones this year. Love the way they look!

  13. ronaldmcblunder says:

    leave this man alone you cunt he is educating the youth

  14. niyabev says:

    just retire and sit down!

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