Gardening Tips : Planting Hibiscus

Plant hibiscus by making a base for the plant, and then use a good potting soil to keep nutrients in the hibiscus. Plant, prune and feed hibiscus to help it grow using this free video on gardening from the owner of a landscaping company.

Expert: Bill Elzey Contact:
Bio: Bill Elzey is the owner and manager of Showplace Lawns in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

8 Responses to “Gardening Tips : Planting Hibiscus”

  1. flowers58 says:

    Thanks for the info on making cuttings a different way… I normally root via putting some rooting hormone on the ends and then placing in a mixture in a pot and covering with a soda water bottle for humidity… Now that I watched yr video I am going to try the paper towel method… I have lots of hibisus plants….

  2. flowers58 says:

    @ShalomSpirit well , lets see yr video 🙂 ,, as they say ya dont like it , dont watch..

  3. ShalomSpirit says:

    Haha! He needs a personality implant. He’s smart with the gardening tips, but please!! He wins the BORING SPEAKER of the YEAR AWARD!!!

  4. florida4marion says:

    I just bought 4 hibiscus hybrids. A couple of them prize winners, I’m looking forward to taking cuttings and maybe making my own hybrids when I find out how. Thanks for the tips.

  5. stavropulos says:

    myasunshine……as long as it takes for this guy to get a point acrossed…..God damn man speed it up

  6. hrbear says:

    I have to experiment too, but most of the plants require 2 weeks in the water. My method for boosting the process is tο take a jar with water, place the cut plant and cover the jar with something so the down part to be in the dark. Place the jar on sunlight all day, so the plant will boost it’s functions. Change water oftenly and keep in the dark the part you want to establish the roots.

  7. myasunshine says:

    how long does it take a hybiscus to establish roots?

  8. rexenne says:

    Great information but painful to sit through to watch…ZZZZZZZZzzzzz
    Show some excitement! Show some personality!

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