Gardening with Asian Greens HD

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Patti Moreno the Garden Girl, replants her Asian Garden Beds with Siamese Dragon Stir Fry mix. Check out her messageboard: Check out

9 Responses to “Gardening with Asian Greens HD”

  1. Usui2394 says:

    @chesterfield1989 she never answers

  2. AlmightyJerk says:

    @cfenster It looks like a re-edit from about a year ago.
    here> watch?v=dFpoAf24xTg
    replace the “watch etc” in your browser with that.
    I pretty much went and watched all of her videos, when I came across her channel quite a few months ago. And just started playing around with gardening this year. So I’m like, cool a new vid, when I see hers pop up. But it turns out to be old ones everytime. I think someone has stolen her or something. : ( Bummer!

  3. cfenster says:

    When was this video made? End of the summer last year?

  4. jmaprins says:

    If you made this video last fall, why didn’t you show us the end results?

  5. blueeggsitter says:

    what different kinds of asian veggies do you grow?

  6. darling4713 says:

    Patti you are an inspiration to me. Thank you.

  7. tburke64 says:

    Why does my bok choy go to seed immediately after coming up, never maturing?

  8. mslovlielisa says:

    The video titled Organic Soil tells how she made her own soil from scratch. She has some pretty amazing ideas, and those greens are mouth watering!

  9. chesterfield1989 says:

    Your soil looks incredible. Do you mix in your compost at the beginning of the year or do you top dress?

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