Gardening with Chickens, Regarding Chickens

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Basic introduction to using chicken droppings as a veggie growing resource. NOT straight, but mixed with dry pine shavings. Go green, go organic, for your good health.

25 Responses to “Gardening with Chickens, Regarding Chickens”

  1. madjimms says:

    @HTCSWEOD Thanks man, I really appreciate that. 🙂

  2. HTCSWEOD says:

    @madjimms I hope that one day things work out so you can have some (“>

  3. madjimms says:

    Chickens are so beautiful, I wish I owned a house & had some.

  4. gravyburns says:

    @kvvful – I would also recommend silkies and orpingtons, I have had both for years. The one thing I would advise against with silkies is black roosters, if you want a mellow chicken. I’ve never had a black silkie hen, but all three roosters I have are all pretty nuts. They’re very entertaining as pets, but by no means are they easy-going. I would highly recommend white or buff if you plan on getting silkies; in my experience, all of these Ive ever had have been super mellow, very tame.

  5. HTCSWEOD says:

    @elliemay1229 Hi, it’s not pine straw, it’s pine shavings.. no problems with acidity…. the pine shavings serve as a carbon binder for the nitrogen rich chicken droppings….

  6. SuperSallyjean says:

    If you live in the area of Portland, OR or Seattle WA, why not just order one from us?
    at: the chicken tractor company dot com We deliver! Check us out! We are all about green living and love to promote it by having the tractors available for those who do not have the time to build them.

  7. charkee1 says:

    @HTCSWEOD Yes, I have used Silkies, they are very docile and easy on the fences. They don’t do deep scratching and I turn them into my garden when mature to get the bugs and snails. I switch my chichen patch with my garden patch every year.

  8. elliemay1229 says:

    You don’t find that the pine straw increases the acidity in your soil?

  9. PCOStherealdeal says:

    Great video! I just started my first year with my first flock and plan on using their droppings and the pine shaving’s in my compost bin to use around my garden.

  10. kvvful says:

    thank you for suggesting me those breeds but currently i am having a rooster chick the breed is broiler i think. he is just about 3 months old and he poops every were so is it possible to podytrain a chicken and what are all the things that i can give him to eat

  11. HTCSWEOD says:

    yes, I have heard or Aseels, as for a good pet chicken, consider the Silkies… also, Orpingtons are very friendly… best of luck to you

  12. kvvful says:

    I love to have chickens around my home but being in a town i only have some budgerigars and some cocktail but i had a rooster he was good untill he pecked every one so i have to give him away what are good breeds of chicken can i have in home and have you heard the famous Indian breed Giriraja and aseel

  13. HTCSWEOD says:

    thanks Ruth!

  14. ruthc48 says:

    Awesome.I love it. Working and living in harmony with the chickens.

  15. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thank you for this comment… you are absolutely correct! We are messing with our food chemically world wide and facing disaster. People are trading sustainability for immediate wealth and GREED POLLUTES… work with, rather than against nature. I hope you can make a difference in India and that there is a true backyard revolution from an educated American public. Be well!

  16. kvvful says:

    I live in India were agriculture is the back bone but they use artificial chemical fertilizers but you use all the organic stuffs i loved it i am a biotechnology graduate and i love natural farming you are person the future needs the future agriculture must be done naturally or else the world could face its end

  17. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thank you very much for saying so…

  18. kvvful says:

    wow you are a real good farmer
    and thats is a good garden

  19. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thanks! well… maybe make your homestead wherever you happen to be? Some are even doing it on roof tops in the city of New York! Or like my friend Patti in Boston… I do hope you get what you want and where you want to be….

  20. sinsarcasmo says:

    I love it.

    I am subscribing!

    I want a homestead in Oregon!

  21. HTCSWEOD says:

    HI and thank you so much!!!

  22. sisterlovely says:

    Great info, i look forward to watching the rest of your clips 🙂

  23. HTCSWEOD says:

    Thank you so much for that nice comment! I really appreciate it!

  24. 403rock says:

    man you are soo great and do great joob you are sow cerful nicee i like itt havee sucsesfull in you joob

  25. HTCSWEOD says:

    You’re welcome and I’m so glad you got something out of it! Appreciate your comment!

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