Garlic Braiding

Christy Wilhelmi of shows you how to braid garlic easily. Grow your own and display it in your kitchen. Visit for more tips and tidbits on organic gardening.

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  1. gardenerd1 says:

    Keeping your garlic in a dark pantry will help prolong its life. Some people keep it in the fridge, but I’ve never tried it. My first thought, though, is that different garlic varieties keep different lengths of time. Softneck varieties have longer storing power than hardneck varieties. I like Kettle River Giant (shown in the video), because it stores for 9 months or so.

  2. 00icwhit says:

    This is beautiful. My question is, do you have any tips on storing garlic to prevent it from going bad. I live in FL and my counter kept garlic starts turning brown and mushy after only 6-8 weeks. i would use that much garlic in a year, but how would I keep it fresh?

  3. gardenerd1 says:

    @strider3700 you can braid onions (and dry corn with husks still on, BTW) the same way as garlic. Have fun with that!

  4. strider3700 says:

    Is there any issue with doing onions the same way or is their a different technique to braiding onions?

  5. I3addogy says:

    Garden Nerd, more like Garden Hottie.

    I didn’t plant enough garlic to do all that :<(

  6. ukgardener says:

    Brilliant now i know where ive been going wrong, i was putting the stem to the left and the right not down the centre, nice one thankyou

  7. gardenerd1 says:

    That’s a very good question sbandfield. It is common to cure your harvested garlic for 4 to 6 weeks before braiding or storing it. Drying it out of direct sunlight on screens is ideal. I’ve never tried braiding it before curing. My concern would be that it might not have enough air flow and could rot. The other reason to wait is that your fresh garlic will shrink slightly as it dries out. If you braid it with green stems it will seem very loose in a couple of weeks as it dries.

  8. sbandfield says:

    I just harvested enough garlic to make a nice braided bunch as you so beautifully showed. My question is – can I braid it while the stems are green and quite pliable or must I wait until it is dried out as shown in your video? Thanks for such a great how to video!

  9. gardenerd1 says:

    @misschris618 usually garlic needs to cure for 4 to 6 weeks in a well ventilated place out of direct sunlight. Some people dry their garlic on screens, and I just lay it out on the counter. Fair warning – the room you cure it in will smell like an Italian restaurant for a good long time. But that’s not so bad, is it?

  10. misschris618 says:

    Should the garlic be dried out after harvesting? If so, for how long?

  11. skaterpatrick98 says:

    Cool! I just harvested a lot of garlic and am going to try this tonight! Seeing it done has been really helpful!

  12. gardenerd1 says:

    @spraggerdog Great question! You use the garlic from the end that you tied off, which ends up being the top of the braid. In other words, the first bulb of garlic you place at the beginning of the braid is the last one you’ll remove.

  13. spraggerdog says:

    from what end do you start using the girlic ?

  14. TheBabywalnut says:

    Great, I have just grown my first garlic (a lilac variety, I live in France) and had no idea how to plait it. Very easy to follow thankyou very much !

  15. korma3 says:

    Great video. I was just researching how to grow some garlic in my garden this year. But now i know what I am doing with it once i harvest 😀

  16. sauceykat says:

    Wow, very helpful and clear video/instructions. Great job!

  17. amandastribe says:

    very good how to, nice clear instructions

  18. LoveMyPhilly says:

    Nice Nice!

  19. cannoli005 says:


  20. BillyAteMySoul says:

    That was a really well done video, thanks!

  21. Blaseofire says:

    I liked your video and it was informative vs drawings. Thanks!
    Harvard, Ma

  22. coopdedoo says:

    That’s some awesome looking garlic you have there! Thanks for the how-to.

  23. marsuzter says:

    Well done! Thanks for this video piece.

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