Grow Your Own Organic Food #72

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Come check out and see how my organic vegetable garden is doing. There nothing like growing your own food. The taste is unbelievable and only a few feet away. I hope you enjoy and wish you ALL an awesome weekend 🙂

25 Responses to “Grow Your Own Organic Food #72”

  1. heretic22000 says:

    Garden looks great m8 nice one. Wish i had a garden

  2. pbhs07 says:

    insects– diatomaceous earth? it’s natural or diluted dr. bronners spray -spray off method

  3. DeviousDavina says:

    I love your energy!! Great video.

  4. hominidae7sp says:

    @RawFoodMuscle did you tried that already , not a big deal to risk, the only think you can loose is a alittle time an some cucumber chips, lol good luck , you let me now if it works! hah

  5. Weebcas says:

    Santiago your the Man!!! Thanks men this was very helpful!! 🙂

  6. LovingRaw says:

    Santiago is my hero!

  7. RawFoodMuscle says:

    @TnWormsCastings Yes I do, check out episode #18 and #27. I show how to prepare the chips step by step and they are really good.

  8. TnWormsCastings says:

    great garden!!! good luck mine is doing great i have been eating out of mine. do you ever make kale chips?

  9. TheRawalicious says:

    Oh MY!!! Dig it- loving all the veg plants! I really have to get into growing my own stuff. Thanks for the video!

  10. TheCalisurferdude says:

    Neem oil is the way to go 4 sure, works like a charm.

  11. AudreysMommie2002 says:

    My mouth started watering when I saw the spinach. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. sharonsoars says:

    Beautiful garden! We are up at 8000 feet so only the greenhouse is planted so far… Tomatoes cucumbers bok choy greens and herbs. I noticed yesterday the snow is off the outside garden so I can start out there now too. Have you tried garlic cayenne spray? Love you wifes giggles behind the camera!

  13. kneenee71 says:

    That spinach looks really good. You have a real gift of the green thumb.

  14. kcijmon says:

    I’ve just been having issues with fungus gnats and now somethings attacking my cuke plant. I’m not having much luck over here at all but I’ve read numerous places to plant onions in the areas where they are…. So I’m gonna try that.

  15. RawFoodMuscle says:

    @hominidae7sp Thank you so much for sharing the tip 🙂

  16. hominidae7sp says:

    ___you can try cucumber slices in aluminum containers and , (half cutted cans)
    * the cucumber reacts with aluminum releasing a pleasant & harmless scent for us but that “snails and Caterpillars” rejects, so, they go away naturally and you don’t have to kill them either, they just go running away and your plats grow up healthy without holes in their leaves, I just don’t know for how long does it lasts__ 🙂

  17. RPJoey says:

    Excellent work! Glad to see your indoor operation has been showing results, I can definitely see it on my side lol. Many blessings to you, and the fam.

  18. legaliseit420 says:

    Thanks for posting man. I really appriciate how many videos your uploading. They’re really good so keep up the good work bro. Peace.

  19. chargeit24 says:

    great episode, your garden is full of abundance,and its great to see you guys outdoors 🙂

  20. Malkiarising1 says:

    I don’t know what the bugs are called, but you can purchase certain bugs at the nursery to fight pests in your garden.

  21. RawFoodMuscle says:

    @amymariegreenqueen I used neem oil a view times last year , but I was told by my local nursey I should have used it all season long. So I might try that again this year.

  22. amymariegreenqueen says:

    hey man, try tobacco plants for pest control. You can make a spray of Dr. Bronners and Neem oil. Dr.b’s and neem oil is the ultimate bug spray.

  23. RawFoodMuscle says:

    @followingbreadcrumbs I live in zone 7 and it was cold this winter, so I know what you mean.

  24. icequeen1997 says:

    Wow i love your constant joy, you are so radiant you and Miss RawFoodMuscle 🙂

  25. followingbreadcrumbs says:

    what zone do you live in? i wanted to start planting this past week but dude we had some cold weather come through here with snow and everything. nice garden!

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