Growing Back to Organic

by Coyuchi, made in conjunction with Solidaridad in The Netherlands A great story of commitment to an organic future — with benefits for the producers and for you. It’s an upbeat and hopeful story of one farmer’s and one village’s move to organic and Fair Trade certified cotton production. It shows how the village of Peddasakeda made the decision to go back to the organic practices of earlier generations and explains the benefits and opportunities organic growing and Fair Trade certification offer. Buy organic cotton from these Indian producers at:

13 Responses to “Growing Back to Organic”

  1. leapinglemur452 says:

    I am so glad to see these farmers going back to organic cotton and also fair trade. When you see all the problems that conventional farming causes for these people and the environment anyone with any sense can see that conventional methods just aren’t worth it. I hope more of the farmers growing cotton will adopt these methods as it is better for everyone.

  2. oz22verizon says:

    watch this video and CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN SENATORS AND GIVE THEM HELL TO NOT PASS THESE BILLS! “Us Gov to Criminalize Organic Farming BILL HR 875 and S 425”

  3. odin422 says:

    Women should RAISE THERE OWN CHILDREN!!!

    Men work the fields

  4. newinternationalist says:

    Hey there,
    I think they mean hybrid as in crossbred seeds, not GM. 🙂

  5. freedomfighter4allu says:

    er did any one notice he said hybrid seed wtf franken seeds just when i thought what a great video thats why they got the program started

  6. peaceeverywhere says:

    organic revolution go organic thanks for the video

  7. Gaurangistray says:

    This is so awesome.Educational.Go Organic!Thank You.Peace.

  8. tuxmap says:

    I am going to show this video to farmers in my village thanks for sharing.

  9. chiniwillly says:

    wonderful-the world should follow!

  10. newinternationalist says:

    Thanks for the support everyone!
    Cheers, NI.

  11. SuChandrakanta says:

    Simply wonderful! Save Bharatvarsha! No more chemicals!!

  12. Cr8Joi says:

    This is wonderful. I hope all of humanity will shift to organic and sustainable agriculture. I hope for a shift in human conciousness brought about by programs such as this. Thank you!

  13. usa91nick says:

    right on!

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