growing lettuce-green mignonette

an easy place to start…lettuce!

11 Responses to “growing lettuce-green mignonette”

  1. dislexickid says:

    radishes are realy easy to grow too

  2. Pimporly says:

    You have an amazing little veggie garden! The soil quality looks awsome too. You don’t need to have a lot of space to grow your own food. I know others that live in suburban appartments and they grow and raise food to support their own family and still have enough to give away!

  3. rabrough2 says:

    Really liked this vid. However never have eaten fennel.. I’ll try it! They sure are very very nice!! Would even make gorgeous plant. What type of dirt are you using? It looks very black and soft. I going to start a small garden in tank a little smaller than yours. I’ve started my lettuce, radish in jiffy pods.

  4. Seedcovers says:

    Great video, I am not a gardener but would love to eat healthier produce.

  5. atticushornsby says:

    Great set of videos. I can’t wait to see you harvest the seeds from the lettuce stalks!

  6. Octahoney says:

    Roasted Chicken with roasted fennel is AMAZING.

    Never underestimate the power of fennel!

  7. CherieO says:

    Fennel has an anise or black licorice flavor. If you roast it the flavor mellows & gets nice & sweet.

  8. evabloom says:

    Fennel tips in salad… roasted fennel bulbs…just yummy!! And now the best lettuce I have tasted…ever. Thankyou for your culinary invitations, they’re wonderful!!

  9. amiicory says:

    a bulb tastes like….. well a more comsontrated letice

  10. Tidnull says:

    What do you use the fennel bulbs for? I’ve never eaten fennel. What does it taste like?

  11. itfelldown says:

    mmm lettuce, can’t wait to start my lil garden

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