Heirloom Pesto Sandwiches Recipe

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Heirloom pesto is made from basil, and proper freezing can ensure the enjoyment of this Summer flavor in any season. Cook your favorite dishes with helpful hints from an organic gardener in this free video on garden-to-table cooking.

25 Responses to “Heirloom Pesto Sandwiches Recipe”

  1. richie65x says:

    I’m really happy that I ran in to this video.

    My wife and I love to cook and are hoping to get a garden going this season (rain, rain go away!)

    The tips on cultivating basil will be very helpful and the sandwich looks yummy!

    Is there a video (or recipe) on how the tomatoes are prepared?

  2. realisticHomeboy says:

    Put the seed in the ground. Water if there’s no rain. Done. 😉

  3. melltm says:

    you guys are so lovely <3

  4. captainofabottleship says:

    Garden-to-table cooking is BEST ! You have an fantastic garden and your cooking looks awesome. Thanks a lot for your videos.
    Best regards from Germany.
    P.S. Forget your haters. Let them eat Mc Doodles 😉

  5. u7may says:

    i like you guys so much i wish one i come over to see you guys are backyard

  6. chaineychainaman says:

    I have been looking for simple recipes to use with my garden produce. This looks delicious and easy to prepare. And, basil is so easy to grow in my area.

  7. fivakis15 says:

    soooo………. you have weed?

  8. steini937 says:

    did he poop at 0:03 ?

  9. ReplayGB says:

    @ZiiGiE yeah lol.

  10. elliotbeech says:

    baysil? crazy americans!

  11. SuperStonedWeed says:

    does that work with weed too?

  12. pivotguy106 says:

    she likes to say basil alot…

  13. ZiiGiE says:

    @ZiiGiE oh and also she says u get a bigger crop which ryhmes with cock

  14. Anguillita says:

    porfavor amigo sucrivanse a mi canal quiero tener paner si usted lo hasen conmigo yo tanbien me sucrivo al de usteds…sin importal que su canal no tengan video de novedades graxias!!!

  15. kevin20061000 says:

    perfect family much

  16. lumpy39us says:

    Nice choice of words, I really don’t think that is called for!

  17. lumpy39us says:

    I really like some of the comments from people who shouldn’t be allowed to roam the internet with out adult supervision!
    Great Video, Thank You

  18. clapla says:

    @iceskater204498 lol yes you do

  19. iceskater204498 says:

    @clapla lol u dont pronounce the h

  20. darthdude1016 says:

    sorry but for any woman who says bah-sill and not basil im not spending nine minuites of my life on

  21. clapla says:

    Bah-sill, not bayzil, and herb, not erb (cause theres a fucking h in it)

  22. LVEdivinecommerce says:

    I love all 3- growing, cooking, and eating! My little urban container garden gives me lots of fresh produce and I love info on sustainable living. Thanks!

  23. lucasdemichiel says:

    estos giles se quieren hacer los naturalistas plantando una porqueria de 3 hojas, despues van adentro y necesitan miles de elctrodomesticos para hacer una gilada como fideos hervidos, son pateticos

  24. patteemae says:

    I live in Spokane, WA and there is a place called David’s Pizza in town that makes the best salad ever! It’s pretty much a big bed of iceburg lettuce, bell pepper rings, sliced mushrooms, shredded chedder cheese, probably some onion… pretty much every fresh delicious veggie you can slice thinly and put in a bowl. The dressing is just equal parts I think of pesto and ranch but it is so good. And since everything is sliced instead of chopped it keeps it light and fluffy. You should try it out!

  25. ibravohhh says:

    you don’t even know how to say basil properly! and there is no way you are Italian!

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