Home Gardening with Lady Bugs and Organic Pest Control

Rose’s Garden is a cartoon produced by wahoofilms.com for http The cartoon is a story about Rose and her dog Breeze who design a healthy garden. They decide to use live lady bugs and praying mantis from Ladies in Red to ensure a organic garden with vegetables, flowers, and trees, avoiding chemical sprays. Keeping Rose’s family and Breeze safe. Learn more at www.ladiesinred.com In business for 20 years, Ladies in Red supplies beneficial insects for natural chemical free pest control. Ladies in Red ships nationwide and year round to farmers, growers, gardeners, garden centers, nurseries, tree farms, and plant specialists. At Ladies in Red you will find a plentiful supply of Ladybugs, Praying Mantis egg cases, Beneficial Nematodes, Fly Predator fly controllers, Green Lacewing butterflies, and Ladies in Red’s own special formulation of insect nectar, Biocontrol Honeydew. Keywords: organic gardening organic garden organic vegetable gardening organic gardening tips How to Plant a Vegetable Garden : Ideas for Your Vegetable Garden

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  1. svivaisrael says:

    Very cute video

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