How to Create & Manage an Organic Garden : Using Organic Hydroponic Nutrients

Learn how to use organic hydroponic nutrients for your garden’s benefit in thisfree educational video series. Expert: Steve Contact: Bio: Steve is the owner of Sol Organics and Hydroponics in San Antonio, Texas, which as been open since 2001. His knowledge comes from years of practice. He was also a student of Future Farmers of America. Filmmaker: julio costilla

25 Responses to “How to Create & Manage an Organic Garden : Using Organic Hydroponic Nutrients”

  1. spitNgunz says:

    LMAOO at all the comments! this dude is blitzed yo! LOL…

  2. mykewho2202 says:

    bleeewm lol hes stutterin smoke a j man relax

  3. dddproject says:

    with knowledge

  4. Jaushkev says:

    he was high

  5. weaternpi says:

    organic you want organic use your pee mixed with water it’s a very good source of nitrogen made my grape vine grow huge and super green.

  6. gus361 says:

    clean out your ear and wipe it on your shirt during a tutorial,nice.

  7. PrettyDude94 says:

    did anybody see this guy pick his ear and wipe earwax on his shirt

  8. o00oZu1o00o says:

    you like video games, “Cantstopgaming”? Watch my vids!!

    This said, I’m dead serious, unfortunately…And I use every chance I get to talk to people about this, even if it makes them afraid and they don’t like it…

    But come to one of my comment threads and let’s discuss call of duty and ninja gaiden instead… 🙂

  9. CantStopGaming says:

    Nah, he’s just a little chubby from the munchies. Afterall, he is making a video about growing plants.

  10. nectarineblue says:

    I find the botonicare products to be great organic nutrients.. side by side with soil based on miracle grow.. planted at the same time, the hydroponic system was up and flowering twice as fast if not more…

  11. gigman7 says:

    Good information.

  12. SayJanosz says:

    LMAO expert village guys..

    ahahah this is too funny, hes so nervous
    watch him squirm!

  13. mikeoxhuge says:

    Botanicare works good in soil or soilless substrate just make sure you add dolimite lime to balance ph. dont add that crap he shows in the video, or any ph to the liquid nutes. it will probably read around 5.5 -5.8 but dont ph. it OK

  14. o00oZu1o00o says:

    It will work great, especially on heavy-feeding plants.
    Condiditons needed :
    -small area (expensive nutrients)
    -lots of sunlight
    -keep enriching the soil with compost : for some reason, even if you bring the nutrients in liquid form, the plants still use the compost at a rate similar to the plants that are not fed liquid nutes (carbon?).

    GrandPa did this on a large scale, but with nute pellets : less pure than canna aqua vega and the like, and slower release, but otherwise it’s the same.

  15. o00oZu1o00o says:

    I’m certainly the only one who got frightened by this vid…

    This guy has all the symptoms of the dreadful kind of sliding hiatal hernia where your stomach gets so distended you can’t breath.
    This is a hellish disease that routinely gets misdiagnosed, as most doctors are unaware it exists. Kills dogs and cats too…

    I had it for 15 months, as surgery was not considered an emergency.
    It makes you lose about half your vital capacity, but fortunately, you recover most of it after surgery.

  16. jenkinz1 says:

    i was told that hydroponic nutrients like canna aqua vega is good for soil plants.. if any one can confirm thats great..

  17. kevbro321gone says:


  18. CarsmeticsWestPalm says:

    hydroalley. com

  19. danko256 says:

    gothydro. com

  20. danko256 says:

    uhhhh uhhhh uhhhh this is steve uhhhh uhhh ummm ummm ummm!!! pure blend!!!! ummmm ummmm what no sweet? uhhhh uhhhh i cant read the back of the bottles uhhh ummmm uhhh sea kelp uhhhhhh amino acids uuuuuhhhhhh ummmm root stimulator

  21. HYDROPODSBOD says:

    good info – ta

  22. 1rocknroy says:

    Very good information. Thank You.

  23. danpifs says:

    The ear wax on the shirt is a nice touch! LOL

  24. organicdan says:

    This stuff looks good…

  25. Blake4014 says:

    blah blah blah. who cares?

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