How to make your own organic fertilizer

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GRock dust, organic fertilizers, feeding the soil, earth worm casting….worm poop about ph coffee grinds.. coffee anyone? using soybeans high in nitrogen and more!!! yes

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  1. ColtyZoltog says:


    Even If your a vegan humans still produce fecal coli-forms or the ecoli bacteria, it is possible to use human excretement but the “human casting” would have to be sterilized to a specific temperature to eliminate the bacteria in the decompostion process or composting.

  2. invisiblegardener says:

    If you all want more let me know….

  3. invisiblegardener says:


    dont forget llama manure too

  4. invisiblegardener says:


    1.compost by grinding first
    2. grind then add water then use a small mount on plants
    3. bury then plant on top

  5. invisiblegardener says:


    you can if your a vegan

  6. samann95014 says:

    why human castings are no good. what can we do to convert it good?

  7. bobbyesterly says:

    What if I have some fish heads left over from this morning, how can I turn those into nutrients? Soak them in water and use the water or what? All help appreciated, thanks.

  8. invisiblegardener says:

    any type of animal manure is good, just compost it before using….

  9. blabityblabblab says:

    @Jinete28 – he said the smallest was the worms & largest was elephant… i think horses & cows are between those & are fine! also, sheep, goat & bunny manure are excellent.

  10. 1fanstockmister says:

    wow you gave out a lot of free info thanks you 5 stars

  11. invisiblegardener says:

    excellent of course

  12. Jinete28 says:

    what about cow and horse manure, I have a lot of it, and no one uses it. I used it last year and got a really good crop, I seed corn and milo sorghum.

  13. hombrelupa says:


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