How to Raise Organic Vegetables : Designing an Organic Garden

Get tips on designing an organic garden, and what types of vegetables, spices and other plants to grow, in this free organic gardening video lesson for beginners. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

25 Responses to “How to Raise Organic Vegetables : Designing an Organic Garden”

  1. blal02 says:

    hahahaha mexican oregano ,are you serious

  2. EasternMerchant says:

    she’s smart no doubt, but I feel she is a bit nervous in front of the camera. Some people have difficulty in relaying their thoughts openly with others, but those are some of the smartest people. She obviously knows what she is doing becuase her garden is proof of that.

  3. SpikenAL says:

    LOL i hear drug dealers in th background

  4. JDTractor18 says:

    ugh…might as well been rickrolld… the only educational part about this was when she mentioned that beans grow well with corn. going to thumbs-up
    @amanteunica lol

  5. koricanprez says:

    @x0xGrowingPainsx0x Yes she does. “So as the corn grows tall, the green beans will attach to the corn and grow up it. So that will be the stakes for the green bean,”

  6. growingyourgreens says:

    Good but short.. You motivated me to grow more food. Check my youtube chanel to learn how I converted my front lawn to an all-raised bed edible garden.

  7. x0xGrowingPainsx0x says:

    she doesnt even state why you should grow beans with corn.. dur

  8. holt325 says:

    Sounds like a civil war battle going on in her front yard.

  9. sinsarcasmo says:

    5 stars

  10. tbcyun says:

    shes a dumbo.or high.

  11. brody104 says:

    thanks ive just started you made me think of i great idea i rated this 5

  12. NadimahElizabeth says:

    Hello, thanks, I am begining my first veg garden, all my things are from seed so I am very protective over them LOL. I noticed you have some wind, the wind in my area can be strong, do you find the plants withstand it okay, how do you cope? I am terrified to put my babies out!

  13. crussitube says:

    I don’t think she knows what she is talking about …

  14. EbolaV1rus says:

    Corn is pollinated by wind, therefore “block planting” is much better. In large blocks, the corn has a better chance of getting fully pollinated. Fully pollinated means more corn. More corn for less effort.

  15. lanesteele240 says:

    i think i saw some organic weed in the background

  16. christianz2010 says:

    shes high ass a fuken kite

  17. dogpup23 says:

    eh, some people just get nervous in front of the camera

  18. dogpup23 says:

    lol why would you say that? they have some really good ideas on their videos O.o

  19. itisoktobeme says:

    Thank you. 5 stars and favorited.

  20. Rediahs says:

    Pretty sure she said Okra, which is a delicious vegetable. 🙂

  21. JustineHenson says:

    lol…you have to read nonphixional1 post,3 responses down. I giggled all night : )

  22. stephanpeteroatesfin says:

    wish we had the sun here in the UK to get corn, to grow so well, takes a while, we get so little good weather. organic veg gardening every time

  23. msluchini28 says:

    I think she’s trying and has some good ideas….. But Shweee Dang, our corn around here is up over our heads before you see any tassels on it. We plant it in rows, loooong rows, in fields! LOL

  24. nonphixional1 says:

    Expert village? more like village idiots!

  25. ss396rip says:

    How do you plant Oprah?

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