How to Raise Organic Vegetables : How to Choose Organic Seeds & Plants

To plant your organic garden, you can use young plants, hybrid seeds, native seeds or seeds that you’ve harvested by yourself. Learn tips for choosing and planting seeds and young plants in your organic garden in this free gardening video lesson. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

8 Responses to “How to Raise Organic Vegetables : How to Choose Organic Seeds & Plants”

  1. brucenunn37 says:

    Hey, i have been having a hard time growing my tomato plants…. i bought two and they both started having spots on them and then the leaves started to get crispy and finally fell off…. any tips or advice would be much aprecatied… (Thanks)

  2. nathuwjohn says:

    Monsanto now owns Seeds of Change-boycott!

  3. tylertyler82 says:

    Thank you for informing about Seeds of Change and Native Seed Search, great resources for the organic gardener

  4. CakesPix says:


  5. homesNgardens08 says:

    Thank you for all the videos. I love watching other people work. 🙂

  6. onewildhoney says:

    I have really enjoyed your organic gardening series! I have found them very informative. Thanks.

  7. ruslango1 says:

    thanks for the tips

  8. jesseeldrid says:

    good video,,..

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