How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

How to Start Your Own Organic Garden

Organic vegetable gardening has been done for centuries before the introduction of pesticides. This type of gardening requires that no artificial means be used to kill pests. So what is a garden of this type, how to create one and what to plant are some questions that need to be answered? This type of a garden is done without pesticides. This type of a garden is also nourished organically from a compost heap that consists of table scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, ect. This not only enriches the soil, it also allows for healthier plants.

So how do you create an organic vegetable garden? It is simple really. For organic vegetable gardening, you will need the following. A sunny location with soil that is well drained is the first step. You also need to measure a length and size that will be convenient for your garden and these beds should be about 30 inches. You will need to either build a frame that is between 10-12 inches high or stake out the bed. Before planting, you will need to mix your compost at least three weeks in advance. This can be either plant material or manure.

The next step in your organic vegetable gardening is to choose the varieties of vegetables that will not only be resistant to pests and disease, they also need to be well adapted for the region in question. The next step in your gardening should be to plant usually when the soil thaws in spring or in the fall. Your first idea may be to start planting broccoli, spinach and peas first. Corn, squash, tomatoes and peppers can be planted when the soil is warmer and after the danger of frost has passed. This will get the garden started quite nicely.

Now there are several things that you can add to your gardening in order to help your organic vegetable gardening. The introduction of beneficial insects such as ladybugs will keep your garden free of pests and help keep the garden growing. Another thing to do is to rotate your crops and keep the garden well weeded so that disease and pests cannot get a foot hold in your garden. Remember to water and mulch as needed. You can also cover susceptible crops with lightweight fabric to discourage pests. When you are speaking about beneficial bugs, remember to plant the plants that nourish these bugs as well.

So this, in a nut shell is how you do a vegetable garden of this type. It isn’t that hard to do and the fruits and vegetables will nourish your body without the fear of pesticides. This is a win-win situation for all involved and will lead to a much healthier lifestyle for you and your family. It may take time and effort, but you will be well rewarded for your hard work with healthy fruits and vegetables that will nourish your body and be good for you as well. So an organic garden of this type is well worth investing the time and money in.

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