How to Test Your Garden Soil’s pH Level

In this video, Patti Moreno, the Garden GIrl shows you how to test the pH level of your garden soil using a Soil Stick. To purchase a Soil Stick visit For more gardening tips go to http and

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  1. EvenKeelMedia says:

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  2. 1elementskater1 says:

    your hot 🙂

  3. Suicide666Commando says:

    What if the PH of your potting soil is 5.5. and you want 6.5? Can you water with 7.0-7.5 water to reach the 6.5 soil? I mean the plants are already in the pots so i can’t mix in dolomite lime.

  4. xxnoangelxx says:

    Ok Pat glad to see you this spring season! Get busy girl!

  5. lefty0mtl says:

    @snewy1 Someone mentioned a few days ago that you should use distilled water to remove that variable from the test.

  6. snewy1 says:

    How does one compensate for pH imbalances in the water used to test? Would this not all so effect the out come of the test?

  7. glvedio says: glove…:-)

  8. marshallhenderson81 says:

    Would you mind mentioning me n 1 of ur new vids luv ur vids and talk about em in most of my vids.Was hoping you might mention me in your video or at least put my link out there so my videos can bet popular! hehe Thanks! 😉 Pls post up my link on facebook youtube and stuff.

  9. GettingThereGreen says:

    Great video Patty… learned something new today! Oh… and thanks for subbing our channel! 😉

  10. Praxxus55712 says:

    @bottomlands Ooops I had it backward. I always get the two mixed up. Explains why I killed my blueberries. LOL

  11. bottomlands says:

    @Praxxus55712 Umm, wood ash is highly alkaline. That’s not going to raise the acidity.

  12. pumkinvine says:

    @rkjackson87 Water (including bottled water) can be acidic or alkaline, which will alter the test results. Using distilled water will eliminate this variable since it has a neutral ph.

  13. darling4713 says:

    Another great video Patti

  14. 1stazlawdog says:

    Hi Patty. Another fine vid. At the very end, while you were walking away on the city sidewalk, it looked like you lost one of your bell peppers from you basket. Keep the vids coming. Thank you.

  15. moujahed says:


  16. rkjackson87 says:

    wait what if the water is acidic?

  17. JezebelDecibel says:

    Thanks for the tips. Yeh I sure your blueberries will go well and they are one of my loved fruits also 🙂

  18. Praxxus55712 says:

    @marthale7 wood ashes would work easily.

  19. TheCreativeJournal says:

    Patty, I enjoy your videos and learn so much every time!

  20. biggray94 says:


  21. aquamammal says:

    thanks for the heads up.

    What was that chart you had with the acidity correlated to plants at the 0:48 mark?


  22. STOPPUCKNOW says:

    nice vid very pro

  23. marthale7 says:

    What are you doing to raise acidity for blueberries? Thanks for sharing.

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