Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardening Tips : Soil vs. Hydroponic Organic Gardening

Become an organic gardener! Learn all about soil, hydroponics, and organic gardening in this free video covering natural indoor and outdoor gardens.

8 Responses to “Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardening Tips : Soil vs. Hydroponic Organic Gardening”

  1. afakasiguy says:

    food tasting like dirt? wtf? hes jus an assistant the local gardening shop pfffffffffffft!!!

  2. letmein53 says:

    Hey dude, no offense. But next time…get your hard facts together before trying to shoot a video where you sound as if you have no idea what you’re talking about. You repeated yourself more than a few times…hoping to convince to viewer you know what you’re talking about which isn’t the case. Write a script, read from it a few times…then re-shoot this video. It will at least sound like you are somewhat knowledgeable about the subject instead of trying to cover up the uhms, and uh’s

  3. iblowdanks says:

    and it makes your budds lighter

  4. ic300x says:

    organic hydroponic nutrients from advanced nutrients

    iguana grow/bloom
    mother earth super tea grow/bloom

  5. Rudetube69 says:

    what a dipshit!

  6. grubbywon03 says:

    I dont know what 420 growing but if it what I think it is…… He is nuts.

  7. 420Sheffield420 says:

    yea dude i was thinkin the same thing. plants that grow in dirt taste like dirt? he is dumb as shit,. Soil is 100x better then hydro. hydro just grows faster . soil has way better taste

  8. areid51087 says:

    is this dude a fucking retard!!

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