Is Your Organic Garden Toxic

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Many people don’t realize that the wood that they use to border their garden, might be poisoning them! Pressure-Treated lumber is filled with toxic chemicals that can leach into the soil and potentially into the food your eat.

2 Responses to “Is Your Organic Garden Toxic”

  1. MrKanataMan says:

    Pressure treated wood sold nowadays does not contain arsenic, like the old stuff did. Perhaps some research before scaremongering?

  2. Mueiwark says:

    Funny, using railroadbeam was ‘fasion’ in gardening in my country a few years back. Now users can’t get rid of them because they are considered toxic waste. That ‘l teach em hehe. A note, I personally would be careful to use loose rocks for borders, because nasty rootspeading weeds can get a foothold underneath and are a nightmare to remove. If you are on top the weeds this would be no prob, but otherwise I’d use cement to form a continued border. Nice channel and vids 🙂

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