Jim Zamzows Gardening Tip # 7

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Here’s Jim’s Zamzows Gardening tip on how to plant Watermelons & Cantaloupe. Jim will show you how to condition soil with compost and organic fertilizer. Mellons like to have good drainage. He will show you how to plant from seed and from the plant. Learn more about gardening at www.zamzows.com the authority on all things Lawn, Garden and Pet.

3 Responses to “Jim Zamzows Gardening Tip # 7”

  1. rheots1991 says:

    i have a watermelon plant in my backyard i have alot of buds and flowers and still no watermelons
    i planted it about 3 or 4 months ago
    still nothing
    what should i do or should i just wait

  2. v632 says:

    greeting zamzaws am from england

  3. TheNewUpsetters says:

    Great video..all the info the i needed..!
    Greeting from sunny Florida!

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