Las Vegas Organic Garden – Raised Garden Beds Update

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About 2 1/2 weeks since my previous video, you can see how fast everything is growing in my organic raised bed garden.

4 Responses to “Las Vegas Organic Garden – Raised Garden Beds Update”

  1. ASFx2600 says:

    @inthesunshinegirl Everything ended up doing really well. Here’s what it looked like when everything was further along: ht tp:// i . imgur . com/ WtdEm. jpg (remove the spaces). I got TONS of cucumbers and made lots of pickles too. I’ll try to make more videos again soon. All my seeds are sprouting right now, and will go outside around April 15th.

  2. inthesunshinegirl says:

    sweeeeeeeet! how did it go – you only put one video?? woulda like to see how everything went! 🙂

  3. ASFx2600 says:

    Sure I can tell you exactly what you need. I’ll send you a email on youtube since the text is limited here in the comments.

  4. simplygr81 says:

    Your garden looks amazing. I watched the video with John and was wondering if you can provide a supply list with instructions so my husband can build me a couple of these raised beds. He’s not a carpenter but with the right direction I’m sure between the two of us we can build them? I look forward to you updating your garden, for someone who started out not knowing about how to garden you clearly learn pretty quick…..

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