Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Food Garden

Learn to Grow Your Own Organic Food Garden

Why Organic Food is More Expensive

Most people believe that because organic food is all naturally grown and thus better for us, it is more expensive. There are no chemicals or pesticides used so it should cost less. That makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Well the frightening truth is organic foods are more expensive because organic farms are not government subsidized, as the chemically laden agriculture industry is. Food shortages during the aftermath of world War II, caused many governments, including the U.S., to start subsidizing the use of growth hormones and other chemicals in farming. At the time the world needed food as fast as possible, and with the help of chemistry we prevented starvation and famine in Europe and other war stricken areas.

What started as a noble cause, however,  has over decades proven to have overstayed its welcome. Huge rotting surpluses of food since the 1970’s has confirmed that production from intensive farming is not working. Today our food contains not only growth hormones, but an arsenal of toxic chemicals in the form of pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, fertilizers and a whole host of other toxic artificial additives, flavorings, colorings and preservatives. Modern agriculture is like the junkie who has to take a pill to stay alert, and than pops another to get some sleep. We have flooded our food with so many chemicals that we need more chemicals to get some taste and color back. Let us not forget that these additives are bad for you as well.

Here is to a Healthy Life

How to Get Healthy Affordable Food
So for those of you who can afford to pay extra for food that is better, more tasty, and abundant in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, here’s to a healthy life. For those of you who are just happy when your favorite grocery store has a sale, trusting that what you are buying is good for you, there is hope.

After years of eating supermarket food and other fast foods your body begins to store all of the toxins and chemicals. These toxins can affect your body in many ways. Unless you live on a farm or have access to one, the chance of you procuring naturally fed meat and poultry is very slim, unless you are willing or able to pay the extra price. Your fruits and vegetables are a very different story however. The First Lady has made planting and growing your own garden, fashionable again. I will say that, for my wife and me, the last two years of having our own garden have been fun and mouth watering. I had no idea that there is a system to growing a backyard garden, which entailed more than simply planting a bunch of seeds, watering and weeding. We struggled for a few years before we discovered the secret to growing an organic garden. I am sure that we are healthier for it. However, the taste is extraordinary , and, I promise, will be the first thing you notice.

You can Be Eating Healthy Again

Grow Your Garden Right the First Time
I wish that we knew what we know now the first garden we planted. There is indeed a correct way of doing anything, and planting seeds is no exception. For example, I had no idea that the soil needs to be properly prepared, and that there are organic fertilizers that should be used. There are many dangers you should be aware of, including what exactly should be done with those pesky weeds. I found everything we needed to know in a guide quite appropriately named, My Organic Food Garden. Absolutely everything you need to know about organic gardening at home can be found in this guide. This book was written  so that the absolute beginner can setup a professional quality garden without the headaches.

If you have been thinking of going green, this is as green as it gets. You will not only be saving the planet, but with the money you save, you’ll have no trouble being able to afford the natural meats and poultry, if that is your desire. I don’t profess to being an expert, but I have put together, along with this guide, the best online instructional information on green living ideas, all on one site. Possibly GREEN has reviews on do-it-yourself subjects like:
Alternative Energy – Solar and Wind
Car Conversion Bio-fuels, Electric, HHO
Green Forums-join a free like-minded community

When  you check out My Organic Food Garden be sure to look up Zero Chemicals- Learn how to rid your home of toxic cleaning products, and replace them with equally efficient all natural products.

At 57, I consider myself to be a Jack Of All Trades And Master Of Nothing. I was a struggling actor for 25 years. During that time I learned a little about a lot of things, and would like to pass along some of that knowledge. I live in California with my beautiful wife and a menagerie of pets.

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