march 1st organic garden update 2010

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novalee truesdell and gardening friend, tiffany, take you on a little tour of the residential organic garden explosion. See the posibilities!!!!

9 Responses to “march 1st organic garden update 2010”

  1. enovalee says:

    thats right! you have a good eye! i am john kohlers camera person. sometimes i turn the cam on myself just for fun!!! it is 100% his garden , though, i am just an employee! thanks for wathchin it grow, love nova

  2. crewlla says:

    would this be the home of growingyourgreens? it sure does look alot like it

  3. enovalee says:

    it is my employers ,actually, but thanks on his behalf!, love nova

  4. MsWaxqueen says:

    You have an amazing garden!

  5. enovalee says:

    thanks, i love how of nature works together that way! will keep my eye out for the 1st bee sighting of the year! love nova

  6. jihadacadien says:

    Pansies also attract bees to the garden;) great garden!

  7. enovalee says:

    i can hardly believe you have anything but a green thumb with all you have going on ! you certainly know more than i on the topic ! and 95 aloe veras!!!you must be in the spirit to even have that mant to begin with, wether they made it or not! seems you have good tactics, keep it up fellow grower! you are doing the best ya can and that is more to say than most! love novalee

  8. ElShadaiLives says:

    I live further south than you, at 4200′ can’t have a winter garden. Although I managed to keep 16 tomato plants growing! Hauled outside during the day & back in @ night. I put hanging plant container in the middle of the living room to remind me to bring them in. W/ my black thumb that makes me feel really good! Last winter I left 95 gorgeous aloe vera plants out & they died. 🙁 Then my neighbor used Roundup mixed w/ 24D in a So. wind & killed my entire garden last summer. On to video #2

  9. ElShadaiLives says:

    All right! The video you’ve made me wait so long for.(for giggles) Thank you, Enovalee!

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