Mark’s Organic Garden Update July 2008

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A look at how my garden is progressing in July

16 Responses to “Mark’s Organic Garden Update July 2008”

  1. markhess says:

    🙂 comments like that make me smile because I think of my garden as small! However, I suppose, compared to some it may not be. That was an amazing grape fruit you grew!!

  2. anne2matthew says:

    Your gardening video is amazing.. I wish I had that much space to grow all kind of plants.

  3. markhess says:

    Yes, I am south of the Mason-Dixon line. I live about 20 minutes south of the Atlanta airport in the red clay capital of the world, Georgia!

  4. ibwhite says:

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing. What’s your geographical location? Your soil has a red tint to it, so I’m guessing you’re south of the MD line? I really enjoyed watching your video.


  5. markhess says:

    Thanks Ray. Yes, believe it or not, it is 100% organic. It really is not as hard as it sounds once things get going. I rarely have significant (notice the word significant) bug damage and only use compost and occasional plant based organic fertilizer (you have to read the bags carefully; often they will try to disguise sewage sludge as organic fertilizer)

  6. Praxxus55712 says:

    Wow! Your garden is amazing. I would throw myself on my hoe and end it all if I had to weed such a huge space. LOL. And this is all 100% organic with no chemicals at all? Holy smokes, that’s impressive! Loved the video Mark. Thanks for taking the time to show me around your garden. 🙂

  7. gardenmagik says:

    Thanks so much Mark… & if anybody knows what variety of rudbeckia i have, let me know!

  8. webcajun says:

    Nothing extraordinary about me, I’m just a simple country boy. I’ve always said a garden can be a single plant in a container to several acres big. I’m just fortunate enough to have a lot of room to play with. That’s the second Kubota tractor I’ve owned. It’s about a year old now and I still have a big grin on my face when I get on it. You’ll love that chopper especially with onions and peppers when putting them up in the freezer.

  9. markhess says:

    I am flattered to receive a compliment from such an extraordinary gardener as yourself. Half of YouTube is envious of your toys (I love your tractor). My kids got me a Vidalia Chop Wizard for father’s day after hearing me talk about yours so much!

  10. markhess says:

    Thanks Melissa! Enjoyed your piece on drought tolerant flowers. That was a cool looking rudbeckia you there!

  11. webcajun says:

    Your garden is really looking good Mark …… Great Job!

  12. gardenmagik says:

    Hey Mark! The garden is looking wonderful in July!

  13. markhess says:

    Thanks! I discovered this by accident when a volunteer cantaloupe grew in one of my tomato cages. Gee, I hope my tomatoes can avoid the tomato hornworm that got some of yours! I have had them in the past but usually parasitic wasp take care of them before they become too big of a problem. Keep up the great gardening!

  14. markhess says:

    Thanks! However, I am truly jealous of your cabbage!! I am going to try some this Fall.

  15. greentxmama says:

    Love how you’re growing cantalope vertically. Great looking garden!

  16. beutifullady says:

    Everything looks great!!

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