Mark’s Organic Garden Update June 2008

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A look at Mark’s organic vegetable garden’s growth since last monthl

10 Responses to “Mark’s Organic Garden Update June 2008”

  1. markhess says:

    @palmerballer1 Black Seeded Simpson is a cut-and-come again leaf lettuce versus a head lettuce. So, you cut all the leaves off about 1-2 inches above ground and in a few weeks new leaves will emerge ready for harvest. If it was a head lettuce then after harvesting the head the plant would be done with no more heads to harvest. – Mark

  2. palmerballer1 says:

    3 cuttings… does that mean u took the whole head off or just cuta couple leaves

  3. lau211190 says:

    thanks!! cant wait!!

  4. markhess says:

    probably within the next few weeks; waiting for early crops (lettuce, peas, garlic etc.) to grow a little more.

  5. lau211190 says:

    when are you going to start your next video series?

  6. markhess says:

    Thanks Nic. If fact, I do have blueberry shrubs planted in my yard. One day, I will do a video on the different fruit I have growing. I must admit, when I first bought the blueberry shrubs I actually had intended to buy highboy blueberry bushes. Growing up, we had these and they were over 6 feet tall and loaded with blueberries. Well, my 2 blueberry shrubs, which are probably 5 years old, do produce but only a handful at a time and are about 2 feet tall. Better suited for ornamental use.

  7. adramatictheme says:

    great garden. Have you ever considered planting some blueberry shrubs? they are wonderful.

  8. jeffpickens says:

    Good stuff, looks like it’s going to be a great year for zucchini!

  9. markhess says:

    Thanks! I plan on doing a July update soon; currently I am of the country so it will have to wait until next week

  10. velvetunderground73 says:

    its coming along nicely

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