My Indoor Organic Garden

This video shows my small organic indoor garden. As run away inflation reduces our spending power, (along with new taxes) and increasing food costs continue to mount as total world wide food production plumets, common people need to take matters into their own hands more and more. Stock piling food and water is good, but not always practical. It is better to grow your own food and make your own clean water. Here are some good organic seed companies to buy from. Organic plants are the way to go. Many genetically altered plants produce sterile offspring and/or degenerate to sterile plants after a couple generations. Organic farms are pretty much illegal now, and soon organic seed will be to, so get it while you can.

6 Responses to “My Indoor Organic Garden”

  1. spiritelemental says:

    Hi glendagable. The fluorescent bulbs I used can be bought at any hardware store. The technology has really improved, and these bulbs which are only 23 watt bulbs produce 1600 lumens of light. Thats incredibly bright! I will make a video soon of how to make clean water. Its simpe but works. You get some tin foil and make a bowl and tube with it, and place the bowl on a boiling pot of water, and use the tube to direct the steam towards another pot. The condensation drips into the empty pot.

  2. glendagable says:

    Thanks for taking the time to video and post your ideas. This is easy for me compared to the huge indoor set-ups I’ve seen.

    Also, thanks for the seed links, too. Saves me time 🙂
    Do you have a video on how to “make” clean water? I was thinking along the lines of A/C condensation, but how to keep it pure?

    Thanks again!!

  3. spiritelemental says:


  4. gadzometer says:

    Love your work mate.

  5. spiritelemental says:

    My pleasure. 🙂

  6. sharpezor says:

    You’re a very interesting fellow, spiritelemental

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