My Organic Garden Of Doom 2010

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Early in the growing season this year we had hail damage to our roof and siding. Unfortunately I have most of my gardens along the house and garage. They will be destroyed upon the work being done so I thought I’d video my garden progress to date before it’s doomed. Link for the Monsanto article: Hold on there, were in for a rough few years. Learn to live.

15 Responses to “My Organic Garden Of Doom 2010”

  1. SleestaksRule says:

    @gardenvespers777 They totally trampled everything. It was worse than I thought it would be. Tomatoes plants made it but had lots of broken branches. I told the workers to help themselves to the tomatoes….they loved that.

  2. gardenvespers777 says:

    Wow. What beautiful tomatoes!
    lol were you able to save any of your plants on the “island of misfit toys?” lolll

  3. simplyfreshveggies says:

    man, pretty sure you got a cucumber or squash / pumpkin hybrid. this happened to me when i got what i thought were watermellon seeds…i ended up w pumka,squash melon or something..think the bees just cross pollenated my friend’s garden the previous year and these were all in the same family so hybridized…this is scary stuff bc i too collect seeds and trying to keep it heirloorm

  4. SleestaksRule says:

    @morningmayan I’m sure they’re trying to find a way to tax our home gardens or pay for a permit just to have one. For growing indoors get cheap HID warehouse lighting on craigslist and combine with hydroponics. Toughest thing is having enough space indoors.

  5. morningmayan says:

    Great Vid thank you very much. Yes monsanto is evil!!!! We need to all grow organic gardens. Any tips for indoors?

  6. Zapppo says:

    Curse Monsanto!
    The seeds of the weeds are NEXT :O

  7. SleestaksRule says:

    @Zapppo You try weeding a garden on a waitresses salary while raising 12 kids! (sounds good enough to me, lol). Yes…Weeds . The ones we can’t eat. What do the weeds call us?

  8. Zapppo says:

    looks like some Monsanto weeds in there too ha ha!

  9. eoptravel says:

    I sent you a comment, transplant your tomatoes, and cukes. They transplant easily, pick your deep orange tomatoes, with the vine and let them ripen in the sun. You should have no problem transplanting them, they will wilt for a few days, but what do you have to loose. Tomatoes are tough to kill plants. They will make it.

  10. SleestaksRule says:

    @baconsoda I didn’t even think of that. Monsanto is messin’ with me! No other explanation.

  11. baconsoda says:

    Those are Monsanto pumpkins, the CEO has been sneaking into your garden at night and guerrilla seeding. Got a Monsanto fact you will like…their huge plant in N. Ireland went bust a few years ago.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  12. SleestaksRule says:

    @pinetar100 I’m going to do my best to be sure they survive. Maybe bribe the workers with free tomatoes. ha. I’m going to try pulling the tomato support stakes tilted away from the house. I’ll do a follow-up for the damage.

  13. SleestaksRule says:

    @OS253 Thanks, I think next year food will really start to climb in price. Last year I thought the same though and it didn’t happen yet thank goodness. The tomatoes and bell peppers are pricey all year round and are always a treat in the Summer.

  14. pinetar100 says:

    looks like you will be picking a lot before the work starts .garden looks great

  15. OS253 says:

    Your garden looks amazing. Start harvesting and saving those seeds for next year. You don’t want to lose them. I’m growing my own food too. It saves money on my grocery bill

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