No Till Gardening – Soil Building For Top Down Gardening

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No till gardening is the way to go! Organic Garden mulching prevents weeds, preserves moisture and soil microorganisms! No organic gardener should go without a good thick bed of garden mulch!

8 Responses to “No Till Gardening – Soil Building For Top Down Gardening”

  1. bahamalesster says:


  2. bahamalesster says:

    i use the same mushroom compost.. LOL. They sell the same bag for 10 50 here. what’d u pay for it .. if u dont mind me asking.. Great video .btw!

  3. posturedoc says:

    very intuitive you are, sammy…that’s the way it’s supposed to work!

  4. njsammy says:

    I always thought it was silly to dispose of leaves in the fall – and then go buy mulch. About 10 years ago I tried shredding all my autumn leaves – I then used them to mulch my perennial flower beds. The shredded leaves would hold down the weeds, then decompose and enrich the soil. After years of doing this, my soil, which had been somewhat heavy in clay, became more “loamy” and loose. It’s great to work with nature – she’s kind of an expert on how things grow!

  5. posturedoc says:

    the tomatoes are doing well in the space but the cucumbers struggled a bit. maybe soil is to still too acidic (from the oak leaves) for the cukes?

  6. posturedoc says:

    thank you, lynn. i was certainly mistaken. guess i slipped back into my childhood perception of the daffodils when recording.

  7. LynnQuilter says:

    The flowers are daffodils, not “easter lilies”.

  8. HomesteadProvocateur says:

    That mushroom compost is a great idea because it will likely inoculate your garden bed with the beneficial fungi too! Good call on the epsom salts, I will probably get some here in the next couple days to add to my new beds I made. I did add gypsum to the mixture too. Nice job!

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