Organic Fertilizing : Importance of Healthy Garden Soil

With healthy, natural soil, learn how your plants and the environment can thrive in this free gardening video about how to use organic fertilizers on plants. Expert: Michael Clark Contact: Bio: Michael Clark is a trained horticulturist with a BS in agriculture and a strong sense of responsibility for the natural world. He is the co-founder of the Santa Fe Botanical Garden. Filmmaker: melissa jenkins

3 Responses to “Organic Fertilizing : Importance of Healthy Garden Soil”

  1. thewormbin says:

    Right on Brother

  2. pgm98387 says:

    Very important info!


    Keep on with the educational videos.


  3. emforty2 says:

    yes its all about the soil

    thanks for pointing that out

    by using pesticide/fertilizers you are contaminating the soil and making it ‘sterile’

    its all about microbiology in the earth use pesticides and you kill the soil

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