Organic Garden at full production

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Have you ever seen a tomato plant 9 feet across? Take a look at the results of the various experiments and tips I’ve been giving you all season. What do you think? Did I do ok?

25 Responses to “Organic Garden at full production”

  1. Athenaslife says:

    Thank you… I love watching your videos you are s funny! keep them coming! : )

  2. Praxxus55712 says:

    @Athenaslife I don’t plant per square. The bean planting area is about 1 foot wide and 10 feet long. I plant two rows of seed and space them about 6 inches apart as I go down the row.

  3. Athenaslife says:

    How many pole beans plants do you do per square and how many did you have in this video?

  4. Praxxus55712 says:

    @rageagainstthedying So far I seem to have a really good balance of good VS bad bugs. Good seems to be winning so far. 🙂
    Forest birds also visit the garden and snag bugs constantly. I’ve never had a problem with birds attacking the tomatoes. I use a fence to keep my monster birds out. The only problem I’ve had is mice sometimes nibble on the tomatoes. A couple mouse traps clears that up.

  5. rageagainstthedying says:

    How do you keep birds/bugs from eating your tomatoes?

  6. liverocks62 says:

    HI Ray, you know you can eat the radishpods. they are a little peppery but really tasty.

  7. Praxxus55712 says:

    @PCOStherealdeal I’m absolutely loving the Brandywines this season. I’ll try some new ones next season to see what else is good. If I find one that puts me into a tomato coma, I’ll definitely let you and the others know. 🙂

  8. PCOStherealdeal says:

    @Praxxus55712 Ohhh well I have yet to get into preserving tomatoes, I eat the suckers like apples straight off the vine, they rarely make it into the house let alone on salads and sandwich’s. lol Iv got a beef steak going crazy in the garden right now but It was a end of season, “ohh you poor baby I’m takin you home” buy so I expect a late harvest. I prefer the super juicy and seedy one’s with tons of flavor. Know of any good variety’s?

  9. Praxxus55712 says:

    @PCOStherealdeal They are the most amazingly flavorful paste tomato I have ever tasted! Most paste tomatoes have little flavor.
    tomatogrowers . com has just about every variety you can imagine, including these.

  10. PCOStherealdeal says:

    I have never heard of polish linguisa tomatoes. Have any idea where I could find seeds online?

  11. Michigansnowpony says:

    @Praxxus55712 — I had really good luck with the ‘ol heirloom standby, Bantam early. Yeah, those 12′ corn plants in my videos are all “bantams” (that’s supposed to only be 4-5’ tall). They produced quite well too, but of course, it’s not the extra big, extra sweet hybrid stuff. The ears were on average 5-6″ long and not overly thick. I plant 3 seeds together a foot apart too, but I don’t pull any out. I never could get corn to grow well in my raised beds for some reason.

  12. Michigansnowpony says:

    Oh you have a skid steer . . . drool, drool, drool. I do the same thing with tomatoes — I BINGE on tomatoes when they’re fresh. The beefsteaks and yellow pear are my absolute favorites. Oh wow — my peas died off about a month ago — can’t believe you still have them. My wax beans won’t die. . . I am sick of wax beans. You cut off the corn! What are you going to do for Autumn decorations now?!?! Think man, think! LOL

  13. niffer58 says:

    I went out today and behold i found potato’s poppin out of the ground. will have to hill them better tomorrow.. but they are growing quite crazy. may have a few green ones since they likely saw the sun… or maybe they may turn brown who knows but glad i noticed it. so i’m going to have fingerlink potato’s Yay!..

  14. AugustusLarch says:

    That’s a sweet New Holland Superboom. They are the most stable skid steer loaders ever manufactured. They licenced the design to John Deere. That hardly ever happens. That’s how good they are.

  15. pantherfan3763 says:

    How do you get your cilantro to grow so well? I think it’s too hot for it here in NC. It doesn’t bush out. It grows straight up to flower. Do you think shade would help it? It has been tough on all plants here this year though.

  16. Blinkazoid says:

    Holy crap that’s a big tomato plant!

    A fantastic garden as usual Ray. Looks like you were able to stick with it till the end of the season. I was worried you’d put in a ton of work on it and then have to move off and leave it.

    Right now my peppers are just a little shorter than yours. I’m pretty sure my tallest plant will wind up getting to about 4 1/2 feet though because my growing season is so much longer than yours. You’re lucky you don’t have late tomato blight in your area!

  17. jerrydff7 says:

    good video!

  18. mombo39 says:

    Question for weekend edition. I grew my tomatoes without cages this year and they are doing great, HOWEVER, I have big, fat, green worms eating their way thru them!! So now my tomatoes have holes everywhere. Do you have this problem and if so how do you deal with it??? Thanks Ray. P. S. Love your puppy..too cute!

  19. Praxxus55712 says:

    @juststl Just cheese, ground beef and onions. They’re perfect for that sort of thing.

  20. Praxxus55712 says:

    @I3addogy They were all clipped back before being transplanted because they grew too tall too soon.

  21. juststl says:

    so ray what have you been stuffing those big ass marconi’s with?? sausage? cheese?

  22. omegahpla says:

    @Praxxus55712 I’ve seen a lot of closely planted corn around here this year. Something new it looks like. These Farmers really know their stuff so there must be something to it or a new kind of corn. Most of the corn around here is nasty to eat though, made for feed or something, not sweet. Don’t ask how I know lol.

    My Hybrid corn sucked 2, coulda been deficient sun, only gets 8 hours or so. I have to battle the trees this winter, get some sun back. Nice load a walnut & fruitwood 2 : ) bonus

  23. omegahpla says:

    @Praxxus55712 Yeah, she jumped & made weird noises then told me it caught her as she was putting up a hammer & when she jumped outa her skin, she dropped it too lol, good job turkey!

    Your weirdness falls on fertile ground here man, lol. Often your ideas send a jolt through my nervous system that ends in an involuntary exclamation of “OH COOL!” or the like. Innovation is a drug to me, or somethin like that.

  24. I3addogy says:

    Ray, are those the Pepper plants that you cut the tops off of, they look amazing. Mine aren’t nearly as tall or bushy.

  25. Praxxus55712 says:

    @theeastwatch I use 4×8 beds too. I planted three seeds per hole, one foot apart down the rows and three rows per beds. I plant three seeds in each hole to ensure there’s gonna be a plant there. Then I let only the strongest of the three stay. The other two are salad. 🙂

    You could easily go with 4 rows per bed. In fact that would ensure better pollination. I’ll be going to 4 rows next spring. That’s 28 plants per bed. I’m planting Trucker’s Delight next spring. Hate the name though. lol

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